Planning a Virtual Wine & Food Pairing for the Chinese New…

first_imgLinkedin Advertisement Chinese New Year Speciality – Whole steamed fish, lightly seasoned with ginger and scallions, is popular in Chinese New Year as it symbolizes prosperity; the Chinese word for fish, “yu”, is phonetically similar to “excess”, meaning great abundance. Chinese New Year Specialty – Noodles, symbolizing longevity, is another staple dish during Chinese New Year (and many other occasions). Stir fried noodles like chow mein, with flavorful fattiness, pair with crisp, aromatic white wines.Whole Steamed Fish. Credit: Serious EatsSemi-Sweet White Wines:  Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Moscato, Longyan (Dragon Eyes)The subtle sweetness of off-dry white wines makes them suitable for spicier, or even more pungent foods; the wine’s cold temperature helps to cool off and cleanse the palate. In fact, the acidity and hint of sweetness make it quite versatile to balance flavorful, salty and fattier foods. In addition to semi-sweet white wines like Gewürztraminer, Riesling, and Moscato, search for wines made from the Longyan grape, also called Dragon Eyes, which is one of the special semi-sweet white wines made in China. Food pairing options include:Dim Sum appetizersBBQ Pork Buns Spicy Szechuan ChickenDeep-fry Marinated Pork Chinese New Year Speciality – Egg rolls with sweet chili or vinegar-soy dipping sauce: imitating the appearance of gold bullion with its deep fried golden crisp skin, fried egg rolls are a part bringing prosperity in the new year. Lightly dipped in a sweet chili or vinegar-based sauce makes it pair perfectly with off-dry white wines.Chinese New Year Speciality – Turnip cakes with chili or soy-vinegar dipping sauce: often seen in dim sum restaurants, pan-fried turnip cake is commonly eaten during Chinese New Year for good fortune. Off-dry white wines balance the fat and brings out its umami. Twitter Pinterest ReddIt TAGSExpert EditorialFiona FangLiz Thach Home Wine Business Editorial Expert Editorial Planning a Virtual Wine & Food Pairing for the Chinese New YearWine Business EditorialExpert EditorialPlanning a Virtual Wine & Food Pairing for the Chinese New YearBy Expert Editorial – January 28, 2021 511 0 center_img Advertisementby Fiona Fang & Liz Thach, MWChinese New Year is a joyous time of the year, and is also referred to as Lunar New Year, because it is celebrated across many Asian countries. Based on the Lunar calendar, which is governed by the monthly cycles of the moon, the New Year is on the first day of the lunar calendar, which falls on February 12 in 2021. Given that many people will still be sheltering at home during that time, it is a perfect opportunity to plan a virtual Chinese food and wine pairing party. Not only will guests have a wonderful time, but it will help support local Chinese restaurants serving take-out meals, as well as local wineries and wine shops. The challenge, as always, is selecting the best wines to match the complex flavors of Chinese cuisine.Chinese cuisine emphasizes on abundance, variety, and contrasting flavors. Credit: That’s MagsThe Complex Flavors of Chinese CuisineChinese food is some of the most sophisticated in the world, with historical records illustrating that the Chinese were dining on grilled fish and rice more than 5000 years ago in the Zhou Dynasty.  Cooking is considered an art form in China, and the cuisine encompasses regional differences using diverse ingredients and cooking techniques, such as the tender young lamb of Ningxia to the spicy pork of Szechwan. Many Chinese dishes also include all five flavors of sweet, sour, savory (umami), salty and bitter. Ingredients such as soy, hoisin and fish sauce add sweet and salty, savory meats and fried dishes contribute to umami, vegetables and herbs provide a touch of bitter, citrus and vinegar add a sour note – plus the Chinese frequently add a sixth component of spicy peppers.Pairing Chinese Food with WineGiven the complexity of many Chinese dishes, it is important to identify wines that are high in acidity, lower in tannins and oak, light to medium bodied, more fruit forward, and in some cases, semi-sweet. This allows for much more flexibility that the standard answer of pairing Chinese food with a semi-sweet Riesling (which is rarely done in China – they prefer to drink more red wines), but at the same time Riesling is a good match for certain dishes. The following paragraphs provide some wine and Chinese food suggestions, so that guests can have some flexibility when ordering their take-out Chinese food and purchasing wine.Bubbles – Champagne, Prosecco or Sparkling WineSparkling wine is a great pairing with Chinese appetizers and lighter dishes. The high acidity and scrubbing bubbles help cleanse the palate and bring out the savory/salty flavors of many of these favorites:Spring Rolls and PotstickersDumplings – vegetable or meat basedTofu Soup of Sliced Tofu SaladSweet Rice BallsGinger Scallion LobsterChinese New Year’s Speciality – Sweet glutinous rice cake (nian gao), which is also called New Year Cake. It can be sweet or savory and is very sticky, so sparkling wines are a great pairing. This can also be used as a dessert course.Aromatic Dry Whites – Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño and Torrontés, Etc.Delicate, aromatic dry white wines, generally marked by light body, high acidy, minerality, with a range of aromas, pair well with Cantonese food, which tends to be lightly cooked to bring out the natural flavors and umami of its ingredients, while retaining rich mouthfeel. Possibilities include dry Rieslings, aromatic Sauvignon Blancs, and more exotic varietals such as Albariño and Torrontés. Chinese food matches could be:Stir fried rice with steamed seafoodSteamed crab with ginger and vinegarStir fried ShrimpCrisp Stuffed Lotus Roots Light Fruity Red/Rosé Wines – Gamay, Grenache, Pinot Noir, etc. Plus RoséFruity, light bodied red wines with low tannins and most Rosés often pair well with Chinese cuisine. The range of fruit and floral flavors make these wines quite forgiving with many umami-rich dishes. Examples include Gamay (Beaujolais), Grenache, Pinot Noir, and even light bodied Cabernet Francs. Most any fruity Rosé can also create a delightful pairing:Stewed pork belly or Pork MeatballsBraised chicken with mushrooms Schezhan ChickenKung Pao chickenBraised vegetables – especially cabbage and radishes, which are good luck for New Years. Share Facebook Email Chinese New Year Speciality – Peking duck with steamed crepes: A classic crowd-pleaser, Peking duck with its crisp delicate skin, rich dark meat served on warm crepes with plum sauce pairs great with light bodied reds with higher acidity.Peking Duck with Crepes. Credit: The Woks of LifeBold, Elegant Red Wines – Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux Blend, MalbecThough most Western food and wine pairing experts, do not recommend pairing bolder red wines with Chinese food due to bigger tannins and oak, many gourmands in China do not pay attention to this rule.  Frequently a good bottle of red Bordeaux is paired with Chinese delicacies at top restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai. The key is selecting a bold red that has a high acid and more moderate oak, such as a Syrah from the Northern Rhone or a French Margaux, that is more Merlot dominant. Though the tannins will accentuate the savory components in the food, it will also cut through the fat. Furthermore, if the dish has enough salt and sour tastes, this will also help the wine to come into balance. But some Chinese say they enjoy the bold and explosive tastes of tannins paired with spicy food – creating fireworks in your mouth. Possible Chinese dishes to pair with bold yet elegant red wines include:Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein With Oyster SauceStir Fried Beef with VegetablesFried Chinese Spare RibsChinese New Year Specialty – Braised Shitake Mushrooms with Bok Choy is a tasty vegetarian option traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year. The savoury tastes, if accompanied by a salty soy sauce, can stand up to the tannins in a bolder red wine, and create a warm balanced finish.Scheduling and Logistics for Virtual Wine & Food Chinese New Year CelebrationThe easiest way to organize an exciting Virtual Wine & Food Chinese New Year Celebration is to send email invitations to friends and family at least 2 weeks in advance and select three wines from the above list. The date/time can be anytime in February, because the Chinese often celebrate Chinese New Year for two weeks. Provide information on where they can purchase the wines, either online or at a local winery, grocery store or wine shop. Then provide them with the list of possible Chinese food pairings from above, and ask them to select at least one pairing per wine to order as a take-out meal from a local Chinese Restaurant.  It is not necessary that everyone select the same food, because part of the fun is in discussing how it tastes with the wine. Schedule the event via Zoom, WebEx, or any other virtual meeting platform that is available for your guests. When the big day arrives, moderate the session by beginning with a happy Chinese New Year toast, and then ask people to open and taste the first wine, providing information on the wine. Then taste the wine with the first dish and ask for feedback, including which Chinese dish they are tasting with the first wine.  Repeat this process with the other two wines and end the session with a classic Chinese toast: “gong hei fat choy,” which means “wishing you prosperity and good fortune.” Expert Editorialby Fiona Fang and Dr. Liz ThachFiona Fang is a Wine MBA Candidate at Sonoma State University (SSU), and has lived and worked in both China and the USA. Dr. Liz Thach, MW is the Distinguished Professor of Wine & Management at SSU and does research in the SSU Wine Business Institute. She has traveled to China six times for wine competitions and has tried many delicious wine/food pairings in China. They can be reached at [email protected] and [email protected] Previous articleMEI Renewables Signed to Build New Solar and Storage Project at Vintage Wine Estates’ Ray’s Station Production Facility in Mendocino County, CaliforniaNext articleSonoma-Cutrer Celebrates 40-Year Legacy Expert Editoriallast_img read more

Forest fires weaken Portugal’s government

first_img“You had the chance to show you were up to taking the responsibilities demanded of a prime minister and you weren’t capable,” party leader Assunção Cristas told Costa during an impassioned parliamentary debate in which opposition members called on Costa to step down.Costa is likely to survive next week’s vote. Although he’s been criticized by both far-left parties whose support is vital for his minority government, leaders of the Left Bloc and the Portuguese Communist Party suggested they’d stand by him in the vote.Left Bloc leader Catarina Martins said previous governments of all shades shared responsibility for forestry management policies and failings in the civil protection services blamed for the deadly nature of the fires. “This censure motion, put forward on the first day of national mourning, is grotesque,” Martins told parliament.Portugal’s Prime Minister António Costa is facing a storm of criticism over the handling of a spate of deadly forest fires | Patricia De Melo Moreira/AFP via Getty ImagesAlthough unlikely to fall, Costa has been damaged by the fires, which came two weeks after the Socialists celebrated their best-ever result in elections for city halls across the country.“This marks the end of the state of grace for António Costa,” declared David Dinis, director of the daily newspaper Público. “He goes into parliament very much weakened.”Criticism also came from Portugal’s head of state Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. In a speech Tuesday night in one of the towns badly hit by the fires, the president made clear the interior minister had to go and hinted he could use powers to dissolve parliament unless Costa took urgent steps to prevent a repeat of such tragedies. 500 blazesAn unseasonable heatwave, drought and winds from Hurricane Ophelia’s rampage through the north Atlantic combined to whip up forest fires that raged across much of northern and central Portugal on Sunday and Monday. At one point, firefighters were battling 500 separate blazes.As the death toll rose, Costa was blasted for a press conference Monday in which he appeared to suggest such events were inevitable, stating “certainly situations like this will be repeated.” He was accused of complacency and lacking empathy as tragic stories of families caught in their homes, workplaces and vehicles filled the media.Criticism even came from within his Socialist Party.“When you represent the state, you have to accept the responsibilities of the state, you have to act with a clear head, but you also have to show some heart,” Ana Gomes, an MEP, told Expresso newspaper. “These declarations are unacceptable given the dramatic situation.”More than 500,000 hectares of forest have burned in Portugal this year, making it the worst year on record. On Sunday, fire consumed a pine forest planted in the 13th century along a strip of the Atlantic near the city of Leiria that was used to provide timber for ships during an era when Portugal was a major seafaring nation. Heavy rainfall on Monday night extinguished the fires.“I will live with this weighing on my conscience for the rest of my life” — António Costa Although other Southern European countries have suffered wildfires this summer, none has seen the level of devastation or fatality suffered by Portugal.A report released last week on the June fires found serious failings in the communications and coordination of civil protection services.Environmentalists have also criticized successive governments for allowing the often unmanaged planting of fast-growing — but highly flammable — eucalyptus trees to feed the country’s paper industry, a major export earner.Costa in parliament Tuesday pledged to act on the report and expressed contrition over the deaths. “I will live with this weighing on my conscience for the rest of my life,” he said. “As prime minister I assume my responsibilities, as a private citizen I say ‘sorry.’” Also On POLITICO Opposition envious as economy smiles on Portugal’s Costa By Paul Ames Portugal’s troubled summer of fire, firearms and football By Paul Amescenter_img LISBON — Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa is facing a storm of criticism over the handling of a spate of deadly forest fires that claimed the lives of more than 40 people this week.Anger at the deaths and destruction forced the resignation Wednesday of Interior Minister Constança Urbano de Sousa amid outrage over the second wave of deadly fires in five months. Over 60 people were killed when blazes swept a central region in June.Costa’s Socialist government will also face a censure motion in parliament next week tabled by the conservative CDS-People’s Party.last_img read more

Smith: Shumlin’s refugee rhetoric is doing more harm than good

first_imgby Mike Smith According to recent polls, I am in the minority in this country and probably in Vermont too when talking about allowing Syrian refugees into this country, and eventually into our state. I support the Syrian refugee resettlement program. I have an appreciation of, and affinity for, the refugee and resettlement programs in Vermont since my days as secretary of human services. But approximately two-thirds of Americans do not share this opinion. And although I don’t agree with their position I can certainly understand their concerns.These concerns are driven primarily by the fact that it is likely that terrorists slipped into Europe posing as refugees. Fear of an attack happening in the United States is not unfounded.ISIS (as well as others) has been very clear their intent is to target the United States for attack. So questions about safety are legitimate. After all, it is pointed out that even in Vermont an alleged war criminal was allowed to slip through the process and ended up living in this state as a refugee.But instead of addressing safety concerns as legitimate issues some politicians and protestors in Vermont are quick to label those who express concerns as racists. Gov. Peter Shumlin himself said the concerns were being fueled by bigotry and hatred.I don’t buy this argument; not for a second. It’s a total cop out; especially from an elected leader.Vermonters with concerns about the program have not raised resettlement issues before. We have successfully brought in other new Americans into our state. The issue isn’t refugee resettlement. The issue is a question about safety. And a simple reassurance by Shumlin that the program is safe without producing a detailed explanation isn’t good enough.Shumlin can’t say “trust me” because his trust reservoir has been drained by other assurances that have never panned out. For example, his abandonment of single payer after the last election; or the infamous statement that problems with Vermont Health Connect were a “nothingburger” when in fact the program was in shambles. The Vermonters who are raising questions are, for the most part, good people, and they want answers to their safety concerns. Instead of labeling them, a real leader would find ways to quell their fears. Perhaps it is the intent to attach the racist label for political gain. If politics is indeed the motivation, it is a political mistake by Shumlin and others to venture down this road. Leadership is what is needed right now, not politics. Which goes to show you that even when Governor Shumlin has the right idea — sticking up for refugees — he somehow mucks it all up by dismissing, even attacking, Vermonters who have sincere concerns.A levelheaded conversation about safety is what is needed. The story here isn’t as simple as whether you are “for” or “against” the resettlement program, although some are trying to cast it that way.We have a rich history of welcoming those who are oppressed, fleeing for safety, or wanting a better life. I am in favor of the Syrian refugee and resettlement effort and I have taken a barrage of criticism for my position. But those that insult good, decent Vermonters who ask reasonable questions from their government about safety will only undermine a successful refugee and resettlement program in this state.Mike Smith was the secretary of administration and secretary of human services under former Gov. Jim Douglas. He is the host of the radio program, “Open Mike with Mike Smith,” on WDEV. He is also a political analyst for WCAX-TV and WVMT radio and is a regular contributor to the Times Argus, Rutland Herald and Vermont Business Magazine.last_img read more

Testing commences on full length of Sydney Metro Northwest

first_imgAUSTRALIA: The first test along the full length of the Metro Northwest route in Sydney took place on January 14, when a train travelled the 36 km from Tallawong in the northwest to Chatswood. The initial phase of the city’s first metro line is due to open in the second quarter of the year. Alstom has so far delivered 17 of the 22 driverless trains, and installation of platform screen doors at all 13 stations is complete. The A$8·3bn Metro Northwest route runs from Chatswood to Epping over a converted heavy rail line, then continues through a new twin-bore tunnel to emerge onto an elevated alignment terminating at Tallawong. The City & Southwest extension from Chatswood to Bankstown via the city centre is expected to open in 2024. On January 15 the third of five tunnel boring machines was launched. TBM Wendy is boring the 6·2 km from Chatswood to Blues Point on the north side of Sydney Harbour. TBMs Nancy and Mum Shirl were launched last year and are tunnelling north from Marrickville to Barangaroo. Two more TBMs are due to start work this year, including one designed to tunnel under the harbour. Herrenknecht is supplying the 150 m long machines.last_img read more

Perez tops opening practice in ‘pink Mercedes’

first_imgPerez, on soft tyres on a hot day at the Red Bull Ring circuit, clocked a best lap in one minute and 4.867 to claim a top spot ahead of the Dutchman.His sizzling showing in air temperatures touching 30 degrees Celsius confirmed the potential of this year’s Racing Point car, based closely on last season’s title-winning Mercedes.Perez reached Q3 for the first time in eight races in qualifying for last weekend’s season-opening Austrian Grand Prix.Last Sunday’s race winner Valtteri Bottas was third for Mercedes ahead of team-mate and six-time champion Lewis Hamilton, Lance Stroll in the second Force India and Alex Albon in the second Red Bull.Ferrari-bound Carlos Sainz was seventh for McLaren ahead of Pierre Gasly of Alpha Tauri, Daniel Ricciardo of Renault and four-time champion Sebastian Vettel, who is in his final season with Ferrari. His Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc was 12th, the team continuing to struggle for pace as they had the previous weekend.The session was largely uneventful except for a brief red-flag interval when Nicholas Latifi’s car had to be recovered after he suffered gearbox problems.last_img read more

Boxing: Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller come near BRAWL !!(VIDEO)

first_imgAdvertisement 4pbfrmNBA Finals | Brooklyn VsjebgjWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E6i( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 9oxw67Would you ever consider trying this?😱2il2Can your students do this? 🌚7k4tRoller skating! Powered by Firework Heavyweight Anthony Joshua faced off with Alexander Povetkin on Tuesday – only for Jarrell Miller to try to steal the show. Former Olympic champion Joshua had to square up to Miller during his meet with Povetkin after the American invaded the stage. Miller has wanted to face Joshua – who fights Povetkin in his seventh world title defense at Wembley Stadium on September 22.Advertisement Miller is ranked at number three with the IBF and WBA and remains a viable opponent for Joshua.Advertisement Joshua told Sky Sports: “This is where I’m at right now, I can’t sit down for too long because there’s always people clucking around me feet. I have got to kick them back down.“People talk about me and see me face-to-face and they still want to talk.Advertisement “I defend my titles in the ring time and time again. I just wont tolerate it out of the ring either.“Anyone is welcome to come and get the smoke as well. Firstly focus on Povetkin and you never know what the future holds.”Joshua holds three of the four major world titles – the IBF, WBA, and WBO – with Deontay Wilder’s WBC belt between him being undisputed heavyweight champion.He fights Povetkin as a mandatory bout but Wilder is the opponent he wants.VIDEO:BREAKING NEWS: ANTHONY JOSHUA AND JARRELL MILLER COME FACE 2 FACE BREAKING NEWS:— Frankie Knuckles (@Knuckleuptv) July 17, 2018  Advertisementlast_img read more

Banner season concludes for Nelson Figure Skating Club; Ice Show May 10

first_imgThe Nelson Figure Skating Club completed a successful season on ice with a trunk load of hardware.Despite starting out the season with a a number of club skaters competing for the first time, coaches Yoshie Measures and Sarah Gower saw a vast improvement from last season.Starting in February, 15 skaters competed at the Kootenay Regional Championships in Beaver Valley, entering 40 separate events, the most for the club since 2008.Eight of the skaters captured medals, with Charly DeFouw skating a beautiful program to win the title of West Kootenay Champion in the Star 5 under 13 freeskate event and Morgan Sabo nailing her axel jump to collect the silver medal with her Riverdance inspired program. Sabo followed up with a first place finish in the Elements 1 event. The medal streak continued with high finishes across the Elements categories as Lila McKechnie and Helena Keating captured Silver and Bronze respectively in Elements 1, Isabella Kroker Kimber won Silver in Elements 2 and Charly DeFouw Bronze in Elements 3.The remainder of the medals came in the Solo Dance categories with Helena Keating winning Silver and Lila McKechnie taking Bronze in the Jr. Bronze Dance Solo 1 category. In Junior Bronze Dance Solo 2 Mallory Pinske scored Silver while Isabella Kroker-Kimber rated Bronze.Courtney Shrieves won Bronze in the Jr. Silver category, Charly DeFouw finished with Bronze at the Senior Bronze level and at the Senior Silver level Christina Champlin and Breanna Tomilin captured Silver and Bronze respectively.Despite the positive result Gower and Measures are looking for Gold finishes at next year’s competition with the goal of winning Barclay Trophy awarded to the team with overall highest scores.Ice Show to Close Out SeasonThe final big event of the year is “Express To The Stars”, a musical tribute to the golden age of train travel. As always, all members of the club perform from the tiniest tots to the most seasoned skaters with music from “Madagascar”, “Polar Express” and much more.The show will be performed on May 10 from 2 – 3 p.m. Tickets are available at the door.last_img read more

Leafs clinch Murdoch Division Title with OT win over Bruins

first_imgThe infraction not only cost the Leafs a man on the ice for two minutes, but Thompson for the rest of the game as the penalty carries a game misconduct.In the third the Leafs caught a break when Smoler was also ejected from the game following a five-minute head contact penalty.Hunt, running his consecutive point streak to 13 games, was able to tie the game for Nelson before Cooper snapped home the winner in the extra frame.Nelson finished the game out shooting the Bruins 43-30 with Josh Williams registering the win in goal.Former Leaf Quinn Yeager took the loss for the Bruins between the pipes.Nelson concludes its five-game home stand Saturday when Castlegar visits the NDCC Arena.The Rebels lost 6-5 in overtime to Spokane Braves.Castlegar rallied from a 5-2 deficit, scoring three times in the third period.However, Trail Thompson scored the winner in the second overtime to pull the Braves to within five points of fourth-place Grand Forks in the race for the final Murdoch Division playoff spot.BLUELINES: Captain Sawyer Hunt has registered 20 points during his 13-game streak. . . . Hunt joins Zach Morey, Josh Williams and Nicholas Wihak as Nelson grads playing their final home game when Nelson hosts Grand Forks. . . . Williams currently holds down top spot in KIJHL goalie stats, tied with Levi Mitchell of Creston Valley with a 1.80 goals against average. Williams leads the league in wins with 20. For a time, Friday night at the NDCC Arena, it appeared the Nelson Leafs were willing to simply back into the Murdoch Division Title.After 40 minutes, potential first-round playoff opponent, Grand Forks Border Bruins held a slim 2-1 lead against the Green and White.However, this Leaf team is not like some squads from the past.After Leaf Captain Sawyer Hunt tied the game in the third period, Ryan Cooper sent the home crowd away happy by scoring the game-winning goal in overtime sparking Nelson to a 3-2 victory over the Bruins.The victory, the sixth straight, clinched the Murdoch Division Title for the Leafs — the first for the Heritage City franchise since 2014.Nelson opened the scoring in the first period when affiliate call up, Marty Ingram scored an unassisted goal early in the opening frame. It was Ingram’s first goal of the season for Nelson.The Bruins erased that lead when Riley Smoler scored twice in the second period on the power play — the go-ahead marker coming after Leaf defenceman Dash Thompson was whistled for a checking-from-behind penalty.last_img read more

Houston Baptist 2014-15 Season Outlook

first_imgThe Huskies return nine letterwinners from last season, including four starters in senior guard Marcel Smith, senior center Ricmonds Vilde, junior guard/forward Caleb Crayton, and sophomore forward Colter Lasher. Senior guard Tyler Russell primarily came off the bench last season after starting for much of his career, and while the Huskies do not return any double-figure scorers, he and Lasher have shown high-volume scoring ability. Two years removed from having only one Houston-area product on its roster, HBU has restocked with local talent. The Huskies now have five players from Texas, including four from the Houston area. Russell is the team’s leading returning scorer at 8.3 points per game, after returning from a season-ending knee injury midway through his sophomore season. He averaged 11.6 points per game as a freshman and 11.4 points in 2012-13 prior to his injury. Lasher averaged 5.7 points per game in his first season at HBU, but scored in double figures in 10 of the Huskies’ last 13 games. Both have the ability to score from just about anywhere on the floor, as Lasher shot 41 percent and Russell shot 35 percent from behind the arc. The Huskies have put together a solid recruiting class with transfers Jourdan Stickler (Annapolis, Md.) and Anthony Odunsi (Sugar Land, Texas), as well as incoming freshmen Josh Ibarra (Angleton, Texas), Trey Patterson (Plano, Texas), Terry Harris (Dix Hills, N.Y.), and Stephen O’Suji (Houston, Texas). Stickler gives HBU another shooter, hitting nearly 40 percent from 3-point range at Blinn last season, while Ibarra adds another formidable post presence along with Vilde and Stetler. Patterson and Odunsi are long, athletic combo guards who have great defensive instincts. Patterson was a member of the one of the top AAU programs in the country and accepted the challenge of defending each opponent’s top scoring guard. Harris provides the Huskies with much depth at the wing position and is the younger brother of Orlando Magic forward Tobias Harris. While HBU’s first season in the Southland did not go as planned in 2014, the Huskies were more competitive in the league than their record would suggest. HBU lost seven games that were decided by six points or fewer or in overtime, including four two-point games. HOUSTON, Texas – Houston Baptist will celebrate its 50th season of basketball in 2014-15, as head coach Ron Cottrell enters his 24th season at the school, the eighth-longest tenure in NCAA Division I basketball. Sophomore guard Reveal Chukwujekwu and sophomore forwards Cody Stetler and Alex Fountain should see increased roles, with each appearing in 24 games as freshmen. Junior guard Mike Turner earned more time on the floor last season by hitting 50 percent from long distance. Chukwujekwu, Fountain, and Turner each recorded a double-digit scoring effort against a Southland opponent. Senior guard Marcel Smith has led HBU in assists in each of his first three seasons, currently ranks as the Huskies’ all-time leader in free throw percentage, and is among the school’s all-time leaders in three-point field goal percentage. Vilde and Crayton expect to be 100 percent after battling through injuries last season. Vilde led the team in double-doubles, was the team’s top rebounder on 10 occasions, and led the Huskies in blocked shots. Crayton started in 28 of 29 games, and averaged 7.1 points and 4.1 rebounds per game. He scored in double figures seven times and posted a 20-point performance at Central Arkansas. HBU opens the season at Northwestern Nov. 14, and also has non-conference road games at UT Arlington, San Francisco, UC-Riverside, and cross-town rivals Rice and Houston. In Southland Conference play, the Huskies open at home against Northwestern State, before three-straight road games in Louisiana. HBU returns home for three in a row and finishes the season with 14-straight games within the state of Texas.last_img read more

Republicans Take All But One Contested County Race

first_imgHere are totals for the Washington County mid-term election. These results are not certified. The total number of votes cast was 9,541. Nearly 2,000 of those were early voters.There were 2,056 Republican Straight Ballots cast.  Only 776 Straight Democrat ballots were cast. 54 Straight Libertarian ballots were cast. US SenatorRepublican Mike Braun – 6,126Democrat Joe Donnelly – 2,805Libertarian Lucy M. Brenton – 448Secretary of State Republican Connie Lawson – 6,307Democrat Jim Harper – 2.509Libertarian Mark Rutherford – 386Auditor of the State  Republican Tera Klutz – 6,180Democrat Joselyn Whitticker – 2,573Libertarian – John Schick – 350Treasurer of the StateRepublican Kelly Mitchell – 6,502Democrat John C. Aguilera – 2,537US Representative, District 9Republican Trey Hollingsworth – 6,361Democrat Liz Watson – 2,968State Senator, District 47Republican Erin Houchin – 6,568Democrat Nicholas A (Nick) Siler – 2,785State Representative, District 73Republican Steve Davisson – 7,778Washington County Prosecuting AttorneyRepublican Dustin Houchin – 7,483Washington County AuditorRepublican Kyra Stephenson – 6,859Libertarian Rhonda Greene – 1,746Washington County RecorderRepublican Terri L. Graves – 5,903Democrat Lindsey Robbins – 3,238Washington County SheriffRepublican Roy Overshiner – 4,228Democrat Brent Miller – 5,170Washington County Assessor Republican – Greg Ball – 7,418Washington County Commissioner, District 2Republican Todd Ewen – 7,516Washington County Council, District 1Republican – Ben Bowling Jr. – 1,653Libertarian – Tommy Brown III – 393Washington County Council, District 2Republican – John Revels – 1,815Washington County Council, District 3Republican – Preston Shell – 1,652Libertarian – Max Greene – 573Washington County Council, District 4Republican – Karen Wischmeier – 1,696Libertarian – David Norton – 372Township Trustee, Brown TownshipRepublican Sharon Roberts – 330Township Advisory Board, Brown Township (3)Republican Randy Roberts – 285Democrat Gary Chastain – 156Democrat Tom Guthrie – 142Township Trustee, Franklin TownshipRepublican Steve Anderson – 555Township Advisory Board, Franklin (3)Republican Scott Applegate – 448Republican Barry Durbin – 413Republican RV Meadors – 482Democrat Sandra Cottingim – 230Township Trustee, Gibson TownshipRepublican Rachel Wischmeier – 322Township Advisory Board, Gibson Township (3)Republican Raymond Scott Browning – 237Democrat Dorothy Fleenor – 185Democrat Steve Fleenor – 170Democrat Steve Johnson – 214Township Trustee, Howard Township Democrat Kathleen Zelivetz – 237Township Advisory Board, Howard Township (3)Republican Sheila Stone – 239Democrat David Duff Jr – 129Democrat Earlene Silverthorn – 168Township Trustee, Jackson Township Republican Matthew Incantalupo – 603Township Advisory Board, Jackson Township (3)Republican William Craig Martin – 549Democrat Roy Dick – 214Democrat William R Yates – 222Township Trustee Jefferson TownshipDemocrat Marnie L. Bennett – 148Township Advisory Board, Jefferson Township (3)Republican Jamie Bennett – 194Republican Landon Sullivan – 168Republican Shannon Sullivan – 198Township Trustee, Madison TownshipRepublican Lee Badger – 161Township Advisory Board, Madison Township (3)Republican Brian Blevins – 135Republican William R. Van Cleave – 121Democrat Patricia Keator – 75Democrat Tammy S. Worley – 85Township Trustee, Monroe TownshipRepublican Susan Boling – 151Democrat Chris Spurgeon – 95Township Advisory Board, Monroe Township (3)Republican Amy Cornett – 152Republican Ruth Gay – 131Republican Kay Mills – 124Independent Angie Wilson – 126Township Trustee, Pierce TownshipRepublican Dennis R. Flemming Sr – 694Township Advisory Board, Pierce Township (3)Republican Scott K. Miller – 504Republican Jeffrey Pickerill – 481Republican Stephen Purlee – 540Township Trustee, Polk TownshipRepublican Clair Sullivan Jr – 677Township Advisory Board, Polk Township (3)Republican Eric Albertson – 495Republican Geneva Bagshaw – 473Republican Jeremy Souder – 531Democrat – Doris J. Rickard – 375Township Trustee, Posey TownshipRepublican Ken Armstrong – 354Democrat Gary L. Roll Jr – 231Township Advisory Board, Posey Township (3)Republican Beth Armstrong – 363Republican Marvin Butch Jenks – 366Democrat Melissa Farmer – 243Democrat Jerome P Jacobi – 251Township Trustee, Vernon Township Democrat Marsha Guthrie – 187Township Advisory Board, Vernon Township (3)Democrat Tommy L. Green – 129Democrat David A. Routh – 141Democrat Earl Williams – 154Township Trustee, Washington TownshipRepublican Brice Robinson – 2,823Township Advisory Board, Washington TownshipRepublican Joshua G. Anderson – 2,120Republican D. Jack Mahuron – 2,226Republican Norman E. Souder – 2,057Clerk-Treasurer Town of CampbellsburgAnita M. Collins – 91Town Council Member, Town of CampbellsburgTim Chastain – 72Clerk-Treasurer Town of New PekinSherry Clem – 237Town Council Member, Town of New PekinThomas Bricker – 226East Washington School Board, Franklin TownshipLinda McClellan – 2,007East Washington School Board, Jackson TownshipTheresa Gottbrath – 1,976East Washington School Board, Pierce TownshipChristina McGinnis – 1,274Heath Hector Nale – 1,007Salem School Board (3)Rodney Brough – 2,332Jeff Johnson – 785Tim Nice – 1,836Cathy Boulet – 782Rebecca Becky White – 1,907Richard Trueblood – 1,905Rhett Huffaker – 1,028West Washington School Board, Brown TownshipAdam Brown – 705Douglas Brown – 677West Washington School Board, Howard TownshipForrest Joe Walker Jr  – 1,266West Washington School Board, Town of CampbellsburgClaude C. Combs – 1,278West Washington School Board, At LargeTim Barksdale – 1,155last_img read more