Trivia Tuesday: Epcot Attractions + Video

first_imgShare This!It’s my favorite day of the week, so let’s gear up for another Trivia Tuesday!Today, it’s all about Epcot!I would love to hear any ideas you have for future Trivia Tuesdays. Let me know in the comments what suggestions you have!last_img

Bloggers video intro to The Server Room

first_imgWelcome to The Server Room, we’ve put together some quick videos today for you in order to put a name to the face of some of the bloggers and get a more personal touch for our interaction. Arijit Bandyopadhyay, Nikhil Sharma and yours truly are found below… Enjoy! and BLOG AWAY!tttlast_img

Television vixen brigade revs up ratings, make fashion statements

first_imgNigar KhanNigar Khan Sheetal in Zee TV’s Lipstick Nastiest Act: Editor of a movie magazine, she offers a bottle of poison to her chief rival She wears a seven-carat diamond ring and three-carat earrings. She dons power suits and a maroon pout when she’s running her movie magazine and switches,Nigar KhanNigar Khan Sheetal in Zee TV’s Lipstick Nastiest Act: Editor of a movie magazine, she offers a bottle of poison to her chief rival She wears a seven-carat diamond ring and three-carat earrings. She dons power suits and a maroon pout when she’s running her movie magazine and switches to chiffons and pink lips when she wants to convince her boyfriend of her weddability.When she’s bad, she raises her right eyebrow. And when she wants to be really, really horrid, she just offers a bottle of poison to her rival. Her mantra: “Joh Sheetal Singhania ek baar chahti hai woh paa ke rehti hai (What Sheetal Singhania wants, she gets).”Is it any wonder then that Nigar Khan who plays Sheetal on Zee TV’s daily soap, Lipstick, loves what she’s doing? “The finest compliment I’ve been given is when a man in Dubai told me that every time I came on the screen, he wanted to strangle me,” croons the 23-year-old ramp model.Joining her in having the time of their lives is a sleek pack of svelte sultanas, many screen hours away from the shrieking banshees who equate being evil with sporting one-foot-long eyelashes that look as if they would take wings. Make no mistake, television’s reigning mean queens Ramola Sikand (Kaahin Kissii Roz) and Pallavi (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii) who will stop at nothing to acquire family control are still there, breathing fire, delivering defiance and packing in the (much-lower-than-before) ratings. Slowly, however, that school of super bitches is giving way to a new breed of women who grin and dare it.advertisementRajeshwari SachdevRajeshwari Sachdev (right) Ambica in Star Plus’ Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii Nastiest Act: She tries to seduce Om, the ideal son in the family What’s more, these smile-and-shoot characters are being played by actors considered epitomes of sweet reasonableness. Take Rajeshwari Sachdev, hitherto the homegrown Goan girl who won a then hunky Milind Soman’s heart in Margharita. As Ambica, she created so many misunderstandings in the happy family on Star Plus’ Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii that when she was finally caught last week, she was thrown out on her ear. But not before her coordinated chiffons and boatneck blouses created a minor fashion trend. And not before she enjoyed her two-and-a-half month stint: “Everyone plays the vamp loud. I wanted her to be sweet and elegant, be cruel and yet be the girl next door.”Television clearly loves the new nasty who seduces husbands, steals boyfriends, exchanges babies and manipulates mothers-in-law. For the woman viewer, there’s a vicarious pleasure in not being at the receiving end of someone’s villainy (a fate not often likely in real life). Women love to see other women cry. At the same time, the notion that a woman can have it all and still be herself is an idea that is both entertaining and aspirational.It has been since the time Neena Gupta set the screen alight as Ketaki in the long-running Doordarshan soap Khaandan. It was a role that Shrishti Behl Arya, the producer of Lipstick, grew up with. And it is a role she tried to recreate in the modern career woman on Lipstick – before she turned really mean because the audience relates aggression to unvarnished I’ll-stop-at-nothing ambition. “I don’t want Sheetal to be a loser. Negative characters work well on TV. Being good is predictable, being evil is fun,” says Behl Arya. Shweta KeswaniShweta Keswani Anu in Star Plus’ Des Mein Nikla… Nastiest Act: She replaces her sisterin-law’s baby with a dead childWhich may explain why when Aruna Irani felt her Star Plus serial Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand wasn’t getting good TRPs, she decided to ramp up the utterly vile, salwar-kameez clad character of Anu played by Shweta Keswani. Its entry into the top 15 shows on TV was but in tune with the logic of television soaps: bad girls equals good TRPs. Says producer-director Irani: “Viewers are waiting for Anu to be punished. But they can’t live without her. When we don’t have her on screen, they ask: where’s that horrible woman gone?”It’s a risk Kruttika Desai knew she was taking when she took on the part of the vicious mother-in-law in Kkusum, a popular serial on Sony. The ideal bahu of Buniyaad is now Devanshi, the wrecker of her own son’s home. A few weeks ago, she had to act out a scene where she went to her son’s new home and told Kusum, his wife, that their little paradise would not last long. “Nausheen, who plays Kusum, told me I was so believably evil that her hair was standing on end. I was delighted,” says Desai, laughing throatily. She has every reason to be happy: not only does she now preside over all the property in the television family, in real life she’ll be going to Israel for a six-week shoot for an English movie, The World, and will still not be written off the serial permanently.Kruttika DesaiKruttika Desai (left) Devanshi in Sony’s KkusumNastiest Act: She cheats her son of all his property Playing a negative character usually ensures longevity. Nigar Khan has just been asked to play a vamp in Kabhi Aaye Na Zindagi, a Star Plus serial in need of some tender loving cruelty to boost its ratings. Kunika’s character in Kittie Party, the Shobhaa De-written soap on Zee TV, has had much the same effect: stirred things up and made Kavita Kapoor, the only semi-meanie among a galaxy of Complan mothers and Woman and Home housewives, look like Mother Teresa. “Negative characters are always liked because they are the focus of the viewers’ hatred,” says Kittie Party producer Manish Goswami, veteran of soaps such as Daraarand Parampara. Which is why they usually get the best lines and the best clothes – Keswani even gets to wear spaghetti straps, the pinnacle of TV style.For a television nation long addicted to the peanut-butter-won’t-melt-in-the-mouth nastiness of Brook in The Bold and the Beautiful, homegrown harridans were long overdue.advertisementlast_img read more

Consultation on Revised Land Policy in October

first_imgThe first draft of the revised National Land Policy should be ready for wider stakeholder consultations by October 2013.This was stated by Minister of State in the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Ian Hayles, during his contribution to the 2013/14 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, June 18.“We are continuing with the review of the 1996 National Land Policy and we are on track,” he told the House.The goals and objectives of the policy are to ensure the sustainable, productive and equitable development, use and management of the country’s natural resources.The policy identifies the implementation of sustainable strategies, projects and programmes for the use of land resources in Jamaica’s agenda for social and economic development. It also addresses the legal and institutional mechanisms to facilitate efficient and effective implementation.In the meantime, he said a Sustainable Land Management Policy has been developed as part of the land policy.“I intend to preach the Gospel of sustainability and to lead the drive to infuse those principles in all policies across Government as we strive for sustainability in all areas. We must. If not, we will continue to destroy our island,” Mr. Hayles said.He said the current state of land degradation in Jamaica has serious implications for biodiversity, agricultural production, food security, and income generating opportunities in rural Jamaica.“When combined with other environmental maladies such as deforestation, climate change and its associated effects, inadequate rehabilitation of mined out lands and degraded watersheds, the situation is even more critical,” he said.Contact: Chris Pattersonlast_img read more