Uncovering Your Distributor’s Critical Success Factors

first_imgReddIt AdvertisementThe second in a series on improving your standing with your distributorsIn our last article (Winning Distributor Attention), we began a journey of discussing the importance of and challenges in understanding your distributor in order to better address their needs while getting what you want from them as a growing winery. The first critical step is shifting your mindset from one that is “inside-out” to “outside-in.” That means moving away from a mentality of “my business goals are what the distributor should pay attention to” to one of “understanding and solving my distributor’s needs and business interests first.” The challenge is, how do you find out what is most important to your distributor, how do you leverage this information once you have it, and what benefit will it yield you? The following steps will lead you to a better understanding of your distributor, and with that, the ability to position your business as a partner in solving their needs.Uncover Their Critical Success FactorsWhat is a critical success factor? These often get confused with goals. Once we know a customer’s (or in this case distributor’s goals) we assume we have the full story. But goals are only half the story. Critical success factors (CSF’s) are: the few select areas of activity that must go right in order for the business to meet its goal. In essence, these are the deal breakers for businesses. When critical success factors are not met, goal achievement will not be possible. And they aren’t obvious to the naked eye. They require investigation and inquiry. While public companies do publish goals, they do not publish CSFs. Private companies, which includes most distributors, publish neither.The only way to know what is important to your distributor is to ask them. While many of their CSFs will either be unimportant to you, or something you cannot help them with, if you uncover something that is critical that you can improve for them (and it helps you too), then you have uncovered gold. Any senior manager within your distributor will know their company’s CSFs, and these CSFs drive how they direct their part of the distributor’s operation. With three simple questions you can gain valuable insight into their critical success factors and yield valuable information that your competition lacks.Goals: What are your goals over the next 12-18 months?CSFs: What needs to happen in order for you to reach Goal X? You must ask this question for each goal.Test if it is critical: If you don’t accomplish X, will you still be able to reach your goal?Once you understand what is most important to your distributor, your challenge is how to use the information to your benefit.Analyze CSFsLet’s consider a fictitious distributor. Big Dog Distributors (BDD) has been on an acquisition spree over the last few years and is now a major player in the Midwest. At the same time BDD has invested millions of dollars in upgrading their inventory and accounting management systems. To pay for this investment, BDD needs to increase its margins 10% in real terms for the next three years. That is one of several BDD business goals. But the critical success factors are much more informative and helpful to you. Let’s say you go through the inquiry above and find out that they must:Accelerate revenue growth of fast-moving, premium and value wines in their portfolioGain a stronghold in three of their newly acquired mid-west markets – Illinois, Indiana and Ohio – where there are several large grocery and mass liquor chains.Add an operating shift in their main distribution centers.If you are a small- or medium-sized winery, you might wonder what do these CSF’s have to do with me? Let’s assume you, Little Dog Winery – a LEED certified winery on a beautiful and prestigious stretch of Silverado Trail, schedules a top-to-top meeting with Big Dog Distributor to discuss their priorities for the year. The pride and joy of your portfolio is the winemaker series – a line of high margin super-premium Napa Single vineyard appellation Cabs. In fact, the most recent vintage release earned a 99 in Wine Spectator. You have also launched a (lower priced) premium product tier – mainly California and central coast reds and whites – which has done well as an exclusive launch in a key West Coast grocery chain but has gotten little focus from you and your team since then.What might you focus the top-to-top meeting on if you lacked information about BDD’s critical success factors? Likely, topics such as the brand’s recent accolades, winemaking process and LEEDs certification would be central arguments as you struggle to garner time, attention, and priority with BDD.Leveraging CSFsOn the other hand, when you understand BDD’s critical success factors, how might you frame and focus the conversation differently? In this scenario, could you influence and support their CSF related to fast-moving, value & premium wines? Certainly. Could you help them increase their foothold in grocery accounts in the Midwest? Possibly. Can you help them with their additional warehouse shift? Probably not. However, if your goal for 2018-19 is to move into the high-end market in the Midwest, you might find your goals are misaligned with BDD’s critical success factors, and as a result they seem unfocused on you and your brands. Often wineries mistakenly believe this is simply because there are so many other wines in the distributor’s portfolio. But the larger issue is that they have other priorities. However, if you focus on your newer premium line with BDD, during your ride-with help the reps sell that portion of your offering, and adjust your strategies so that you can move your high-end products through other channels or in other markets, you might find BDD pays more attention to you than you originally expected.ConclusionIn your jam-packed days, you most likely prioritize your activities around the work that will move your winery toward your quarterly and yearly goals to improve revenue, profit, productivity, or quality. These activities are your critical success factors, and while they may be similar to the winery next door, your CSFs are, in fact, unique to your business. The same is true for every distributor, no matter how big.Every winery works with distributors at two levels. Top-to-top meetings throughout the year focus on aligning priorities and goals and negotiating terms of agreement. This is the time to learn about and validate their CSFs. On a tactical level, you and your team work with distributor sales reps during market visits. These account calls provide an opportunity to leverage what you have learned and in some small or large way, help them both meet their CSFs while influencing their selling behavior.In the next article, we will discuss how to apply critical success factors knowledge during distributor ride-withs.Expert Editorialby Laura Webb, partner with ELA ConsultingLaura Webb is a partner with ELA Consulting based in the North Bay. ELA focuses on helping companies and their leadership teams define and implement strategies for growth.Advertisement Email Linkedin Previous articleConnoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine Editorial Schedule October Through December 2018Next articleWinemaker Nicole Pope Uses Old World Methods of Winemaking to Create Award-Winning Coastal Syrah in Cambria Expert Editorial Twitter Home Wine Business Editorial Expert Editorial Uncovering Your Distributor’s Critical Success FactorsWine Business EditorialExpert EditorialUncovering Your Distributor’s Critical Success FactorsBy Expert Editorial – August 30, 2018 357 1 Facebook TAGS3 Tier SystemDistributionELA ConsultingExpert EditorialfeaturedImproving Distributor RelationsLaura Webb Pinterest Sharelast_img read more

Talk to the Police – ACP Grant Urges

first_imgRelatedJamaica Ex-Police Officers Association Gives Back to St. James FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Story HighlightsAssistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Novelette Grant, is urging citizens to provide the security forces with information that will assist them in crime fighting efforts.The ACP says the information will help the police to nab criminals and prevent them from committing other crimes.She urged the residents to “contact us (police), and let us help each other to prevent sexual predators from roaming the streets, and attacking citizens. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Novelette Grant, is urging citizens to provide the security forces with information that will assist them in crime fighting efforts.The ACP says the information will help the police to nab criminals and prevent them from committing other crimes.She was speaking on June 12, in Grant’s Pen, St. Andrew.Recalling the front page story in one of the daily newspapers on Wednesday, June 11, of a male jogger who was brutally raped while on his early morning run in St. Andrew, ACP Grant said that while no formal or direct reports have been made to the police, anyone who has information on the incident should call it in so that an investigation can begin.“Persons who perpetrated this alleged crime can be caught and prosecuted for other crimes. According to the report, these persons seemed to be armed with guns. Just give us enough that we can go and apprehend them, because none of us would want to hear of such an incident happening to an adult male, adult female, or a child,” she said.She urged the residents to “contact us (police), and let us help each other to prevent sexual predators from roaming the streets, and attacking citizens.”ACP Grant also pointed out that a number of police officers have been trained as part of the domestic sexual and gender based violence programme, as well as the staff at the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), adding that they would want to help the alleged victim.The ACP emphasised that victims of sexual crimes and abuse are given the highest level of care and support by the police.“We treat the victims of certain sets of violence with the empathy and sensitivity that it deserves. It is about helping a fellow human being who is in distress, that is our major concern; and to prevent it happening. Imagine the kind of trauma that such an incident would bring. We are equipped to deal with that person with sensitivity,” she said.ACP Grant pointed out that the police regularly issue advisories providing safety tips as part of its public education efforts, however, the other part of keeping citizens secure has to do with how individuals can help in exposing wrong-doers. RelatedSecurity Ministry to Relocate Female Wards to Child-Friendly Facilitycenter_img Talk to the Police – ACP Grant Urges National SecurityJune 16, 2014Written by: Garfield L. Angus RelatedMulti-Partnership Approach to Tackle Violence in Schools Advertisementslast_img read more

Community sends couple whose car accidentally started the Carr Fire in California messages of sympathy

first_imgiStock/Thinkstock(REDDING, Calif.) — Instead of anger and hate, the couple who accidentally started the deadly Carr Fire in Redding, California, has been getting flooded with messages of love and support from the very community devastated by the fire.When Rachel Pilli heard that it was a couple whose trailer’s flat tire caused the fire igniting sparks she thought about how awful they must be feeling and started to pray for them.While at church this past Sunday, Pilli overheard a firefighter she knew talking about the same couple, who happened to be his mother’s neighbors, so she asked him to bring them a card from her.But when she got home that night she thought her friends might be interested in doing the same, so she posted her idea in a private Facebook group, comprised of mostly mothers.“I personally know someone whose mom is a neighbor to the man whose trailer accident led to #CarrFire,” she wrote. “Many of us have been praying for this man (81 yr old). I learned that his wife is blaming herself for the #CarrFire, because she asked him to take the trailer in the first place. She has been crying day and night on her couch.”She went on to write: “Do you think we can love on them and break off the shame/guilt that the enemy is trying to cover her in? Would you like to send her a card? If so, please drop it to me.”When Pilli saw the overwhelming response she received, she was in tears.“I was crying reading the comments, the comments were just filled with compassion and grace,” Pilli told ABC News.Her friend, Hope Seth, who’s the founder of a Facebook page called “Carr Fire Stories,” re-posted the request asking for positive messages, and within a few days hundreds of comments poured in.Seth, a mother of four kids, said she created to page to “collect, preserve and share our communities’ experiences from the fire,” and she wanted to use that platform to help garner comfort and support for the couple.The post received over 600 comments, almost all of them sending the same message: It was an accident, and it wasn’t your fault.People from all over the country showed their support and empathy, from those who have lived through other fires, to those who faced similar troubles with their RVs — even those who lost everything in the Carr Fire.“I live in Redding and my family was affected by the fire in varying degrees,” one resident wrote. “I want you to know that I have not heard anyone blame you and we certainly do not.”Another resident who lost their home also wrote a sweet comment.“We would in no way blame those folks,” the resident wrote. “No one could have ever guessed it, no blame here, not at all.”Seth printed out the comments and brought them along with a bouquet of flowers donated by her friend to Care Net Pregnancy Center where Pilli serves as the executive director.“We had over 650 cards, printed messages and packages in less than 48 hours and more are still coming,” Pilli said.The mail went out for delivery Wednesday and they’re hoping the couple will receive it by next week.The Carr Fire started on July 23 and has burned more than 200,000 acres causing 7 deaths, including 3 firefighters, according to the National Park Service.Officials have not yet released the names of the couple.Though it has become one of the most destructive fires in California history, so many stories of kindness and courage similar to this one emerged from the tragedy, Seth said.“It’s been beautiful to see hope and stories of heroes that other people don’t see,” Seth added.In the wake of the fire, there have been heroes like the firefighters who left handwritten notes at residents’ homes and took care of their gardens and animals, Seth recalled.Pilli, too, is in awe of their community’s reactions.“It really demonstrates the compassion and kindness of our communities,” Pilli said.“This fire has forced us to look into each other’s eyes,” Pilli added, “and discover the human kindness in us.”Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Pakai StadiumPod di Kabin Pesawat, Pebisnis Ini Coba Cegah Tertular Virus…,Miris, Inilah Tampilan Ruang Udara Cina Sebelum dan Sesudah Wabah Virus…

first_imgRick Pescovitz (today.rtl.lu) Sejak virus corona menyebar dan bisa menjangkiti siapapun, banyak penumpang yang mulai melakukan pencegahan dengan menggunakan masker atau yang lainnya. Bahkan ada yang menggunakan helm untuk menghindari virus corona ini ketika berada di dalam kabin pesawat.Baca juga: Hindari Virus Corona, Penumpang ini Kenakan Helm di Kabin Pesawat!Namun hal aneh lainnya baru saja dilakukan seorang penumpang pesawat yang juga pebisnis. Di mana dirinya menggunakan under the weather pods ketika berada di dalam kabin pesawat.last_img read more

Cricket News 345/8 In 50 Overs But Not A Single Six Hit – Sri Lanka Create New World Record Vs West Indies

first_imgNew Delhi: Kusal Mendis and Avishka Fernando both blasted centuries and shared a partnership of 239 runs for the third wicket during the second ODI at Hambantota on Wednesday. This was the highest stand for Sri Lanka for the third wicket in ODIs and it broke a 19-year record of 187 set by Marvan Atapattu and Mahela Jayawardene in Kandy. However, this was not the world record as Sri Lanka ended on 345/8, their highest total ever against the West Indies in ODIs. The innings, though, witnessed some other world record.The total of 345/8 saw a total of 33 boundaries hit during the innings but not a single six. This feat is a new world record for the highest total without featuring a single six. The large boundary dimensions at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Stadium in Hambantota saw no sixes and the entire match saw just one six being hit in the entire match. Apart from that, it was yet another clinical performance by the Sri Lankan team as they won by 161 runs, their biggest victory margin in ODIs against the West Indies to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series.With this win, Sri Lanka, who have been trailing West Indies in head-to-head ODIs ever since they started playing each other in 1975, are now level 28-28 with the West Indies. West Indies chose to bowl and immediately, Sheldon Cottrell sent back Dimuth Karunaratne and Avishka Fernando but from that point on, it was the Avishka Fernando and Kusal Mendis show. Mendis benefited from a dropped catch by Kieron Pollard at slip on 2 and he made the West Indies pay. Both batsmen used the ground dimensions well and frequently rotated the strike, with Mendis striking two fours off Cottrell. The middle overs saw few boundaries hit but both batsmen were scoring at a hefty rate. Fernando was the first to reach his fifty while Mendis notched up his landmark with a boundary off Keemo Paul.Milestones for both Mendis, FernandoMendis and Fernando grew in confidence and it was Mendis who notched up his century first and Fernando, who had hit a century against the West Indies in Durham during the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, hit his second ton against the Men From The Caribbean. After reaching the milestones, Mendis cut loose with three boundaries and Fernando also followed suit with three boundaries in one over off Pollard. Alzarri Joseph ended the record stand when Mendis fell for 119 while Fernando hit two fours off Jason Holder. Paul dropped Mendis on 125 but departed next ball for 127 as West Indies staged a fightback.Kusal Mendis also hot a ton and shared a record 239-run stand for the third wicket against West Indies. (Image credit: Getty Images)Thisara Perera struck some big blows and the innings was given some impetus by Isuru Udana and Wanindu Hasaranga as Sri Lanka reached a big total. West Indies started confidently with Shai Hope and Sunil Ambris starting confidently. Hope was the aggressor as the duo stitched a 64-run stand before a horrendous miscommunication saw Ambris run out for 17. Sri Lanka’s hopes were lifted when Angelo Mathews sent back Hope for 51 as West Indies’ most consistent batsman miscued a lofted shot to mid on.Also Read | Sri Lanka Hold Nerve With One-Wicket Win Against West Indies In First ODI In ColomboFrom that point on, the West Indies innings went into a tailspin with Lakshan Sandakan and Hasaranga spinning a web. Both wristspinners took three wickets apiece as West Indies were bowled out for 184 with their last seven wickets being lost for 54 runs. The final ODI will be played in Pallekele on March 1 and West Indies would be aiming to avoid the whitewash ahead of the two-match T20I series that will begin on March 4 and March 6. For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more