Clever Minority Reportlike touchscreen used to sell phones

first_imgSome people love shopping online because it means they don’t have to deal with pushy sales people in a brick and mortar store. Other people enjoy the human interaction and help they get from a salesperson in real life. But asking a question online can be tough, and can involve a difficult chat session or long call on hold. So one company in Sweden has come up with a better way of doing sales over the web.Hi3G Access, also known as 3, teamed up with Stockholm-based production company B-Reel to create a new way of selling its products, à la Minority Report, called 3LiveShop. A custom-built multitouch screen allows the sales representative to be seen by the customer while at the same time is able to pull up information using his or her hands. The layout of the screen is similar to Skype where you can see a smaller image of yourself in the upper right-hand corner.AdChoices广告Customers will see phones appear on their screen that the sales rep thinks they’ll like. The salesperson can produce on-screen specifics throughout their conversation for each phone model shown. If the customer is satisfied with one of the options, the phone is dropped into a cart for checkout and the customer then proceeds to a secure e-commerce system.Entirely built in Adobe Flash, the multi-touch screen includes mirrors, a touchscreen, and high-end cameras to get the in-person effect. The salesperson can use all five fingers on the screen, rather than just a few “pinch” like actions. It works really well from what we can see, and the customer gets an experience close to chatting with someone in the same room, with information available and presented in a much more flowing format.There are only three workstations that use the system at the moment, but B-Reel say in the video above that if it’s successful, the company hopes to expand it to other companies. We can totally see Apple using something like this in the future.More at B-Reel, via Engadgetlast_img read more