Observe your Monkey Mind and restart Happy life

first_imgPeople say that if a person is not capable of controlling his own mind he is not fit for any kind of work. And yes, that’s true, I often used to think why elderly people always say, mind as a monkey mind whenever we behave very rude to others (the thought process works in that way – Here I am not blaming the Monkey which has very good skills and thoughts). Yes, true the mind always wanders like the monkey between the thoughts of thought. No one thought in the hand has a full 100% concentration. The lack of concentration leads to a confused mind.Due to that random thinking, the mind just wanders as if it knows anything and everything in the world. So, I want to change that scenario to something different – so I can concentrate on learning new things. Some motivational videos and audio made my mind to re-think what I am thinking is the right thinking at that moment. So I started thinking about what I am thinking? And started recording all the thought process in the piece of paper to analyze what I am actually thinking the more.After a couple of weeks in that process – Yes, the sky opened, and the rain started pouring like a gift when I met my old school friend who had some simple tricks and tips to control the wandering mind. We are both are in the same age, but he is more into devotional path than me at the earlier stage itself. He shared certain devotional techniques of prayer through which I can control the wandering monkey mind by chanting a few words repeatedly for the following four weeks whenever I feel when the mind is wandering like a monkey.Initially, my thought went in this way that, why my old friend always looks so calm and energetic as if nothing bothers him much. Whatever comes to his life he remains calm and focused. And he used to take very correct and appropriate steps to handle that particular situation. But I was not that kind from a younger age.  My mind keeps wandering like a child in the flower market and even my mind started questioning his suggestion – whether it will work? How can words change our life? Is it true? Whether he is just kidding me?  Am I lost something?…But his suggestion works. Yes, it was 5 words which boosted energy to work more focused. Now I can able to concentrate and work on a particular area more efficiently than before. I wonder this is the turning point in life, where I stood with good directions and prosper. I practised it for four weeks and yes it worked.The 5 golden words are “I am good at many things”. Though it may sound like I know everything and others don’t know anything. But, these inspiring words, keeps me motivated in the early morning and I can run my show all day long meetings and office work with absolute joy and happiness.Tiredness is so bad, that too if in the mind means. I started saying that 5 words every morning as the first routine and whenever I felt disoriented. One work at a time and I started completing step by step, inch-by-inch in my career. My knowledge started spreading its wide wings.People who lost their mindfulness and remain restless starting approaching me for the resolution. And I am not a doctor to prescribe something that might cure their worries. But, I suggested and shared what I have learned from my friend and practised in life – Yes, those 5 words “I am good at many things”.Some people who I had given this secret started following the practice and soon they also saw some changes in the way of thinking and their mind just sat very calmly and silent. Lots of appreciation flooded to me for that suggestion, but to be true I haven’t done any changes in their life. They itself, changed their own set of thinking which in reward changed their entire thinking ladder and reached their wisdom.People often become jealous and started comparing with others living on their own. But, that thought process doesn’t work in a good way. Constructive thought process and self-discipline is the only way to lead a successful and very truthful life. Every day is a new life. Our thought process controls our body, so start practising as I did so that you can also lead a very successful life with harmony and peace.Happy mindfulness to all.last_img read more