The new definition of the original Shanghai dragon optimization do you know

Shanghai dragon

as a webmaster, if others give myself the original do you do not know if you out, you are not a qualified webmaster Shanghai dragon. That is because the main method now website optimization Shanghai Longfeng chain construction of website content and website two aspects, but the core principles of content construction is the site must have high quality original articles, and to highlight the unique website for Internet users to bring the value of the content of the article. So all in Shanghai Longfeng owners, construction for the original article content of enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon became of particular importance. read more

Website home page is K how to quickly restore the site rankings

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


talk about website home page is k, how fast recovery

special chain optimization:

secondsWebsite optimization

5, the chain should be gradual. And regular growth, if some of the chain of words suddenly lost, it will cause the site to drop right or be K, so it has wide, do not hold on a website. Of course, the chain in the weight high website that is certainly good, but should pay attention to quality, grasp their own live good. read more

Future voice and image search will shine in the mobile field

But according to the Whether or

language search, image search, the search engine will be used to change the user’s search habits. But first of all we must solve the technical problem, how to make the recognition more accurate, how intelligent analysis of the user’s intentions. This is the future of love Shanghai search engine such as the direction of the square dance http:>!

and WeChat have penguins on the function of language, in addition to the Android search box in the market also has the function of language language search, the future will be widely used. The function of language search engine will greatly facilitate the implantation of many mobile users, is not only a language search, actually love Shanghai early on the line image search. Just drag the picture in the search box, then you can search to other similar images, its principle is possible according to the description information related pictures. Shows that the similarity is very high picture, the user wants to find the picture becomes much easier. read more

Focus on analytical website ranking stable after three aspects

many webmaster all know, site at the early stage of the work is the focus of the chain and the original text above, then, when your website ranking stable before and after the stable, whether we should take such as for friends of the chain, the chain, write text, blog etc. as the center of the work, of course not. The author thinks that the chain is equivalent to some basic, when you hit the web based, ranking and stability, your focus will change, not blindly to send the chain.

your products to be sold, what is the premise? Many people may say is the flow that only half of that, traffic is good, but traffic is not sales representative. This is a lot of website of Shanghai Longfeng personnel pay particular attention to the place, when your site has been ranked, and every day there is a lot of traffic, but why still no sales, the answer is very simple, because what you are attracted by the traffic? Key words are big lead over, no subdivision. By mining the long tail keywords to improve our website segments, so the flow from is directed to the customer, also will have to buy. read more

How to understand the weight of the chain correlation and universality

. A love Shanghai chain reduce reflections on


what is the chain? Chain refers to from other websites into their own websites (Note: this link includes hyperlinks, Web links, anchor text links), and the link is a very important process for the website optimization, directly determines the quality of incoming links to our website in search engine ranking in Shanghai, want to love in the search rankings, Shanghai dragon ER to fight is the quality and quantity of the chain. Fuzhou Shanghai Longfeng green soft _ planning will be with you in Shanghai dragon ER share their understanding of foreign chain: read more

Network planning through the observation of love Shanghai billboard learning network programming


I love Shanghai daily attention Billboard’s list, today suddenly found this list also has certain internal logic, this is we won’t notice a thing. This article discuss the logic behind this list. To understand why there will be more people to pay attention to these topics. The first piece of today’s list of figure


we are more concerned about is the effective combination of

is a topic of concern, the number of audience and the topic. It is easier to form more concerned about the number of topics, most of the real life of the audience is associated. read more

Area of specialist medical website how to determine the main keywords

the third step we analyze the "Fuzhou painless" competition, the higher the degree of competition in the new term, we are difficult to optimize up, so we can turn to analysis Related words of the keywords, the tools we can find 2 words "Fuzhou analgesia stream of people how much money", "Fuzhou analgesia stream of people hospital", their search volume were 78 and 75, and the value of our energy, this.

in the first step, we collected some key competitors, these can only be said to be determined, we also need index analysis of key words. We take "Fuzhou painless" as an example, the index of the Shanghai love (love Shanghai index query keyword analysis platform: index.baidut贵族宝贝), the keywords present love Shanghai index 83, that is to say the word is the value of our energy optimization. read more

Correctly grasp the specific steps of website optimization

description (Description) set reasonable

2, flattening the hierarchical structure of the

The station optimization including

Shanghai dragon station optimization includes:

2, the content of the websiteThe overall data

Static web pages,

1, the website name, the website and the PR value of the domain name

(now the influence of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is almost negligible)


1, JS

6, the website of METE Tags

What is the

3, database

Shanghai dragon how to do? What is the specific steps of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon? I think these problems all the webmaster should be considered. After 01 years of love Shanghai was established, we just heard that PPC, Google entered the market 03 years China, brought a new name – Shanghai dragon for us. 03 to 05 years for two years, a lot of our Shanghai dragon training institutions, just two years time, Shanghai dragon market from the "zero talent" for the rapid development of a galaxy of talents "". But now we still cannot completely understand Shanghai dragon. Here, to search the optimization of network station, Shanghai dragon and senior network marketing planning positions along the edge as we demystify the Shanghai dragon. read more

A beginners learning log Shanghai Dragon

every day I can send five hundred or six hundred. But I still don’t really understand what is Shanghai dragon. I have my teacher. They told me that. You as I teach you to do. At the same time, I also read the "love Shanghai Optimization Guide 2" file. It can be said that he is one of our Shanghai dragon industry golden laws and precious rules. I read all three times.

editor on me. I do in there for two and a half months >

One month after

second weeks

began to send the chain. I do not know what is outside the chain, I spent two hours to know that the chain is what. For a week before the account registration, I can easily know where to send the article. But I still do not know what is the character signature, our director said that as long as you could click on it. I have to study what is how to do. Later I found that is false character signature, but really silly very naive. So I send the chain, one a month. read more

Case analysis the first step in the promotion of optimization must be done

for Swiss watches network 贵族宝贝gudoi.>

from the above picture, we can see that the existing title and keywords repeated phenomenon. Should be changed to: company name + core + keywords popular keyword title is preferred, it is simple and can highlight the weight, so the search engines would be more in line with the appetite. Keywords for guidance to the theme of the site, it is not recommended to the company name, company name and description to the beginning, with more originality and independence, the search engine more love the original things. read more