Review website development ah tiger sincere offer advice and suggestions

from 2003 to the present, I do a lot of various types of Web sites, some personal network also has flash, there are also some enterprises of the portal space is free, there are fees, network changes experienced by the 80 generation owners of those things I have experienced, experienced, so I said that I was a an old stationmaster is also too.

over the years, the business is more stable than its own personal website: Why is it "stability"? That is, there is less revision. When it comes to the revision of the previous websites, they are actually on their own skills, and on the other hand, they have learned some techniques and practiced them. Therefore, a lot of their own works, its life is very short, months or weeks to change the shape, or have been changed beyond recognition. read more

Stand cool how does a UGC community go from pond to oil field

[core tip] how does an ordinary personal blog evolve step by step into a high-profile design community? Let’s look at the reasons behind it.

people who have nothing to do with the design, it’s hard to know how cool it is, a web site that offers design materials.

station (ZCOOL) has just passed its eight birthday, more than 2 million 500 thousand designers, users, more than 10000 new content uploaded every day, more than 7 million views of the day, has just completed millions of dollars A round of financing… read more

Page tour industry should be how to develop in order to find their own spring

many people think that the page tour industry has developed into a state of sleep, and is a long hibernation period. This point of view is not unreasonable, web games in the process of growing up, it is indeed encountered unprecedented famine". Page tour as a mature, really have a natural tough. Like Ma said, but not any company has the honor to experience low tide, as a young company, not by comfort, not by encouragement, but by their own bottom out. The Webpage Game industry, itself is a true portrayal, whether it is spring or infinite, Snow gleams white., we can not be blinded by victory, can not be frightened by the difficulty. read more

Small and medium sized stationmaster should make a fire in winter

has been particularly cold this winter, and the online world has gone into an uncomfortable season because of an unprecedented consolidation. Rectifying the network is understandable, but because of the implementation of the link, resulting in many formal small and medium-sized innocent people implicated. Many with entrepreneurial enthusiasm personal webmaster dispirited and discouraged, suddenly lost the direction, the author here to personal Adsense to say is to regain confidence, let oneself become a fire in winter read more

Two dimensional community successful barrage video why fire

traditional video industry has done so many years, hit so much money, in 2014 by a name called "barrage video" of the game, caught a surprise. In the eyes of many people, the text in the video barrage video content with flying, the original covered, but also how the normal viewing? Is flying in the video text, barrage, subversion of the entire video industry and cognitive pattern. Why is a barrage of fire? No one would know this thing, let me give you explain.

barrage history,

according to Baidu encyclopedia introduction, (barrage, dà n mù), Chinese words, the original intention is to use a large number of artillery or a small number of intensive bombardment. The comments that are now used in the process of real-time Tucao are reflected in the effects of a flight from a screen that looks like a shot in a shooting game. read more

Who can catch female users Talking about consumption sharing community

, as a new age woman, thinks she never stops looking for the appearance of a woman. Her inner state of independence is a cool thing. In order to achieve this goal, Taobao has no less books, no less reading. Although there are far from the benchmark for a distance, in this process, transformed from small buyers for the BRIC unknown to the public and some part-time experience Taobao buyers, those things to talk about consumption share community should understand a drop of one or two.

is now online shopping, how many people are so stupid so naive to Taobao search directly, then click on the sales ranking and compared one by one to see the final orders? If the computer lovely you also followed the old method, then bump kazakhstan. The Internet information industry’s most recent change, the field is filled with undercurrent "recommended shopping, shopping search, shopping guide the direction of the community" and other products. Of course, I also read the news the white crow brother blog ( said the white crow brother to guide the field of electronic commerce is very profound high perspicacity, recommended reading. read more

Lu Songsong how to write blog content in several ways

last year, I wrote an article: "write a blog, don’t be lazy, originality is king."". I introduced the content source of blog from two aspects at that time. One is to write something about work and life from the aspect of life, and two is to write social hot spots. The passage of time, some things can not be written, especially for the content of the blog social hot spots, but with the Internet, blog content sources have many channels.

heart, concentration is the reason readers like you read more

n the later development found the advantage figure Wang weapon Yunnan webmaster

, as an underdeveloped province in the western border areas, the overall pattern of economic development in Yunnan has also restricted the development of Yunnan’s Internet industry. I remember in 2009 to Ningbo to attend the National Conference on electronic commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises, exchange name card, coastal provinces, some people look at a name card, like a gorilla like staring at the author’s view, a good half day was slow to God: "how do you do Yunnan e-commerce read more

Google Adsense common skills summary

Google AdSense is one of the main sources of income of the website, here are some commonly used techniques, we hope that through these techniques can increase the Google AdSense income, and prevent their account is deleted.

ad click tracking software

this I think is the most important, the installation of an ad click tracking software, which is used to track the IP address from which users click on the ads which, provide good results for future data analysis. At the same time, malicious click IP can also be tracked in order to report to the Google in a timely manner. read more

How to survive and develop the nternet in Guizhou under the economic crisis

(2008 annual meeting of Guizhou webmaster speech)

ladies and gentlemen, fellow workers and friends, good evening,


it’s a great honor for me to be here tonight to meet with you, to learn from each other and to encourage each other, and allow me to introduce myself.

I’m free campus network founder Mo Bingshen, Guizhou Libo people, 05 years of your university graduation, founded the same year, Guizhou campus network, 06 years to Chengdu first venture real Chinese, founded the first enterprise video website — for 08 years, has been looking forward to return to Guiyang in March to operate their own site – Guizhou campus network. Later renamed the free campus network, website truly on the line for 7 months, registered users more than 20000 people, IP on the amount of more than 6000, the main user groups for college students, college students, friends, website space looking for work, online courseware and other services, there is no realization of profit. read more