How much money to open a gold master wonton shop

project investment is a Chinese fast food restaurant investors are more optimistic about the development of the Internet in recent years, because of the catering industry is the biggest impact on the fast food industry, needs to make fast food consumption has become a popular trend. Chinese fast food is the darling of the fast food industry. Today Xiaobian is to recommend a good Chinese fast food chain stores – Gold chef Chinese fast food

" gold master is a well-known Chinese fast food brand in Shanghai, is a household name. The past two years, its influence is rapidly expanding the country. Gold master is the first brand of Shanghai golden chef Catering Management Co., Ltd., the main food for the gold master wonton". In March 1992, Mr Kim in Luwan District sainalu 78 Shanghai founded the first "gold master wonton shop, to provide the characteristics of" specialty wonton, its delicious ingredients, refreshing taste, warm service, easy price, win the customer’s favor. In the next few years, several stores were opened in response to customer requirements. read more

What are the secrets of the couple shop open

husband and wife two people to open a small shop, which is currently a lot of people will choose the mode of operation, which is called the couple store". However, no matter what kind of shop, if you want to open, naturally need to master a certain secret. In short, the husband and wife shop, as the name suggests is the husband and wife as the main business of the retail store. The scale is generally small, the owner is to take care of children, while some housework Side shop, but also some people, also, and business, shop and Gutian farm and to work near the factory. Most couples shop business purpose, just want to earn a profit on sales income household. read more

How to improve children’s profit margins

children’s economy is optimistic about the public investment, coupled with the choice of two child policy liberalization, but also led to the rise of children’s products and services. For investors, want to open a clothing store, it is necessary to master the know-how, such as how to quickly and accurately identify the children’s own children’s clothing brand positioning, the terminal stores membership maintenance and how to do holiday promotional activities and other issues. read more

Suning announced that it will enter the field of business incubation

to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, not only need the government to provide assistance, but also inseparable from the strength of private capital to participate in business incubation. Suning group recently announced that it will enter the field of entrepreneurship, sports and entertainment, involved in business incubation and other fields.

in 2015 China corporate leaders meeting, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong for the first time outside of their personal reveal six years transformation experience. Zhang Jindong announced at the annual meeting of China, the end of the month Suning also released   "youth declaration", into the business, sports and entertainment areas, creating growth outlet for young people, into the new content for the Internet Age "Chinese dream". read more

Henan innovation and entrepreneurship work conference held in Luoyang

all the government has long been aware of the important role of innovation and entrepreneurship, and introduced a number of measures to support the allocation of resources, to speed up the "double" work. To comprehensively promote innovation and entrepreneurship, a good ecological environment is essential.

12 21, Henan innovation and entrepreneurship work conference held in Luoyang. Xu Jichao, vice governor of Henan Provincial People’s government attended and addressed the meeting, chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of the association of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China (CPC), vice governor of the state. Provincial departments responsible comrades, the provincial municipality, county (city) government in charge of responsible comrades and director of science and technology, some colleges and universities responsible comrades, the national science and technology business incubator, provincial university science and Technology Park, the national public record space is mainly responsible comrades of large enterprises, scientific research institutes, venture capital institutions the principal responsible comrades, some of the contest winning enterprises, the winning team of representatives to attend the meeting. read more