How to use QQ space marketing to build a best selling brand

now more and more people to write QQ space, QQ space has been very fire, and some QQ space can have tens of thousands of visits per day, basically equivalent to a medium-sized site traffic. How to convert these traffic, it can be said that many people are now very concerned about the problem.

on the Internet has been concerned about the case of a marketing blog, his model is a good reference. This blog is called love about his Bo calling Zhang Yi. His strength is to rely on a blog to create a hot selling product brand, in the past few years when he did about one million annual sales performance. Even if this result is now a good example.

how did he do it?

around 2007, when the blog just started, many people have joined the army of bloggers, Zhang Yi is one of them. But in the end how profitable blog, we do not have a very clear pattern.

Zhang Yi usually love some fresh new gadgets, his daily hobby is to the world’s website in search of some novel design, creative and funny little things, and then put these pictures posted on his blog, he is not a simple copy, carefully designed with him in his side of the picture in the text, and the views and comments on these products.

he insisted on doing it every day, not to deal with, but from the heart of love. He can write three or four articles every day, with beautiful words to describe a product, for each product is woven a poetic story. The idea of the product is rare, as well as the moving story, this expression has attracted many young people to pay attention to his blog.

for a long time, people ask him where these funny things can buy. This allows him to have a new thinking about these products, he had an idea, why not design their own products.

in his blog text after three months, he designed a man named Zhang Xixi giant pillow. The octopus shaped pillow look warm and funny, many people are very concerned about his blog love this pillow, in that year’s Christmas day bought hundreds, then the pillow has been very popular. This is his chapter Xixi brand was born, no other promotion, only through the blog created a very popular products, but also has a large number of loyal fans.

now his chapter Xixi has developed a series of products, each one is very popular, and he continues to develop other popular beautifulthings, a large number of manufacturers and distributors to cooperate with him.

I think his blog marketing model can be moved to the QQ space, and QQ space has a greater advantage to do this thing. QQ space has a greater share of the spread of the characteristics, if your products and words are creative and valuable, then, soon your information will be shared out.

uses QQ space to build a brand

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