WeChat marketing you will do Three let you sincerely convinced

2014, WeChat circle inside the overwhelming advertising hit, filled with the circle of friends, a large number of businesses rely on the brush to improve product sales. However, have you ever thought of what the user really needs?. If the location is not accurate, like look for a needle in the ocean, do too much is useless. Many do WeChat marketing friends not only did not find the marketing skills, but also in the continuous loss of customers, which is not understand the essence of WeChat marketing. If the majority of friends circle of friends pull you black, prove your Shuabing has completely affected their lives, even disgust. Therefore, WeChat marketing has many places we need to pay attention to.

WeChat marketing need precise positioning

traffic is always the king. There are two forms of traffic, accurate flow and pan flow. No more than the pan flow, if you can not transform, but also a lot of precision than a lot of traffic. So accurate flow is our most fundamental marketing. Accurate flow can not only improve the conversion rate, but also increase user viscosity. WeChat is a powerful media, relying on the precise flow of propaganda than styled to the effect is much better. We do WeChat the only goal is to sell services, sell products, promote brand. So find the exact flow will make us twice the result with half the effort. Accurate flow is determined by the success or failure of marketing, so how to make their own marketing stick accurate labels?

first, geographical precision. If your product is only for a particular city, but you will be positioned to the country, then the rest of the city’s users are not interested in the product, or you are not interested in the service. So what we need to do is narrow the scope of the accurate positioning of the region. Users look at a WeChat public account is to see how much it can bring value to the user. Only activate the precise user, will get a long dormant gold mine. WeChat public account from the information push, fan interaction, customer service, online transactions are a one to one service, so that users have a sense of presence, for traditional services can not do this. Let consumers feel the brand as a link, to maximize the accuracy of traffic.

second, population location. WeChat public platform has a clear grouping, we can classify the users interested in their timely push message. Want to know the friends of this consultation, will help them and will achieve the desire to buy. Understanding the user’s right appeal, accurately find the entry point is the key. High quality fans, not easy to drain the old customers, but also to the enterprise to play a certain degree of publicity, increase brand strength. Accurate number of fans is not much, word-of-mouth marketing fans. Under the promotion of online and offline, so that enterprises have more credibility. Regular promotion, remember not instant success.

WeChat content is the soul of marketing

whether it is to do the Internet, or do WeChat, can provide users with real value is the key, good content is like the soul of WeChat marketing, WeChat platform has the soul of emotional content, >

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