Mou Changqing recommend a few friends network promotion blog

because he is to do the promotion of the network, so on the Internet also know some friends to do related work. There is a focus on network marketing, with a focus on word of mouth marketing, there is a focus on the operation of the site, as well as focus on SEO. Today, I would like to recommend some of you feel good blog IT.

1: Yue GUI’s DONEWS column

introduction: Yue’s actual combat experience is very rich, very good on the site operations, I see him do the promotion of access to the flow, are able to directly produce the value of money, never do not work hard. He is now busy every day for a long time failed to update his personal column. When I was in college he first made his fortune through advertising their own website, he had entered the 2 strong.


2:sonia’s buzz- word of mouth marketing

brief introduction: on the net very few focus on word-of-mouth marketing blog, blogger really named AI song, authentic Beijing girl. Prior to the advertising company is a customer director, and now he set up a business venture. I have seen her a lot of word-of-mouth marketing articles, which has spread widely called "ban Wang Laoji – network event successful marketing" is written very well. Ai Ruixin’s annual marketing conference. Baidu search word of mouth marketing blog ranked first

3: Jialun website blog

profile: the development of personal webmaster in Chengdu, is committed to the development of the Internet in Sichuan, the Sichuan network company to the country. There are many years of experience in the operation of the site, often have excellent IT articles published. Baidu search site operations, the blog temporarily ranked second, I remember once was the first.

4: Chen Zhengwei – network promotion

introduction: before the Internet to promote the theme of the blog, only to find themselves in this. Chen Zhengwei later made a network promotion blog, then continuously sent several articles, nearly all is fine. However, some of the main video site related articles, the real article on the network promotion I have not seen a few. Recently, brother Chen seems to have been out of work for a long time, I am looking forward to his new work, especially his data analysis of the article, than I wrote in detail.

5: Jiang Likun’s column

introduction: Net mess, activists in Beijing IT media circle, has many years of experience in website operation. Recently suddenly began to share his network experience. He recently wrote a Book Marketing series of articles can be seen in many IT sites.

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