Friendly viral marketing let your traffic rapid growth

now there are many in the holiday approaching, will make a name with a name input auto personality blessing ", as a netizen ten, ten hundred… During the holiday season… Can soon get more than 30 thousand IP. But after the festival, IP fell back soon. Inspired by this, I say this marketing to the home page, the method is very simple:

1 to create a JS file, copy the following code to save:

var " =" lusername; [1];

if ((lusername) {


lusername=" active element "



lusername=unescape (lusername);


function check (obj) {

if (obj.stra.value.length> 8) {

alert (‘too long’);

return false;


if (obj.stra.value.length==0) {

alert (‘no name yet);

return false;


var URL =" http://s."" id=" +escape (obj.stra.value);

window.clipboardData.setData (" Text" URL);

alert (‘your personality energy-saving has been generated and reproduced well, directly on the Ctrl+V QQ, MSN, paste it into the mail sent to your friends! nn your friend gets your name containing the movie site will be very surprise Oh

walk the walk today.’);

window.location.replace (URL);

return false;


2 in the top of the home page calls the above JS code, insert the following code in need to enter the name of the place: < >

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