Help driverless car analysis of high resolution 3D images TetraVue get 10 million A round of financ

TetraVue is an intelligent technology startups, a driverless car to capture the ultra high resolution 3D image in February 17th, the company announced the acquisition of a $10 million A round of financing, investors including Robert Bosch Venture Capital Nautilus, Venture Partners and Samsung Catalyst Fund three venture capital institutions, as well as Foxconn.

TetraVue was founded in 2008, headquartered in California, Carlsbad, based on Flash laser radar technology, provides a method of using laser light to observe and monitor the surrounding environment. In addition, the company also launched a solid (no moving parts) 3D camera prototype products, and plans to make this product miniaturization and commercialization, and applied to the automotive industry.

as everyone knows, a car traveling at high speed, or in a complex road, if you want to avoid a collision, it must be able to see and understand the surrounding environment, however, in bad weather conditions, and the lack of lighting equipment around, car camera generally does not recognize the situation around the body. So for high quality car camera, it is very important to capture high definition images at high speed and long distance. Especially for the automatic driving car, the camera is like a car’s eyes, no camera, you can not send the road information to the autopilot system".

recently, BMW and Intel said it would test 40 cars in the United States and Europe on 2017. In order to achieve this goal, they will focus on the development of vision technology for unmanned vehicles and Israel Corp Mobieye. Coincidentally, Intel recently acquired a computer vision startups Itseez, apparently to strengthen their driving skills in the absence of the visual field of automobile power. There are deep learning startups Neurala, the company recently raised a $14 million investment, will focus on UAV and unmanned vehicle research and development of "smart brain", Neurala also launched a software development kit (SDK), allows developers to access the application, service interfaces, and integrate with their own product.

TetraVue said that their technology can complete about 2000000 synchronous distance measurement within the range of 200 meters in any weather conditions, but the technology is not only confined to the application of driving automobile industry — according to the company disclosed in unmanned, laser radar technology standard, can be integrated into the company’s 3D camera, used to enterprise drawing and augmented reality and other industries.

in fact, this week TetraVue>

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