Dexin how to do a good job forum marketing cited 1000P

is known to all, network marketing is a big field. There are a variety of marketing methods, including SEO marketing, blog marketing, SNS marketing, forum marketing, etc.. Simply say that all the way through the Internet to do marketing can be called network marketing. Although there are many kinds of network marketing, but we have to do in the marketing of their choice of the most suitable for their own good. Dexin today to share how to do a good job marketing forum.

first of all we have to determine what they want to sell in the end, is a product, or service, or pure broken in order to lead traffic.

secondly, when we determine the purpose of marketing, such as selling a weight loss product. We can go to hao123 to find some women lose weight class forums, such as Sina, Tianya, Sohu and other women weight loss category. These places are characterized by high flow and very directional, very conducive to our promotion of weight loss products.

so, the new problem has come, to find the intention of the customer gathering place, how can we use the forum to promote marketing? Below I will list the promotion step.

1 we registered a forum for more than 5 ID, the purpose is to continue to use the top post.

2 write soft wen. On how to write soft Wen, I recommend to you a little skill. Go to the portal of some diet information website to find some articles about weight loss, such as the "Big Five" winter diet has the best effect, we can simply modify, write articles within the right position of our own product name, guide the visitors to Baidu search (of course this step should be the one and only one the name for their products). The title of the soft and exciting, increase the probability of being clicked. In addition, it is best not to stay in the soft link, otherwise it is very easy to delete posts, more serious is the closure of ID.

3 post, and constantly top posts. The purpose is to keep the posts at the top. If you have a good top software can also achieve multiplier effect.


above is the marketing method of the post, we can also do marketing forum replies.

For example,

in the latest hot behind the post replies, replies to include the promotion of his product, the content can be written as recommended, also can use pictures (on our own product name and link the watermark in the picture). In this way the marketing has a lot to note, replies to instant, best can appear on the first page.

here to share a few small skills can induce browse replies:

1 if we sell slimming products, we can post free energy-saving information and so on, and then said to please leave the mailbox. The key to this success lies in: the gift must be attractive, but also explain why you want to leave a mailbox (it can be said that the forum is not allowed to send links, gifts too large, can not upload attachments, etc.).

2 in order to improve the volume of posts, we can upload a >

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