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I love my tension, specializing in enterprise network marketing planning. In the service of the business process in the enterprises often listen to did not know how to do network marketing, invest a lot but there is no output in the network, don’t know how to give up or what network marketing is very confused? I do in-depth business investigation and Research on a year long in this year I went to visit a lot of network marketing the company in Nanjing, which also had the success and failure, in this year’s contact and experience I got a lot of experience, in order to carry out network marketing to help more enterprises better and I will experience this years of experience to "study" of the enterprise network marketing form of a series of articles published every three days with the period! Network marketing enthusiasts together to discuss and share my QQ:112847312


to now China has very few companies do not know the network, and many companies have invested a lot of time on the network to join Ali, Baidu will be a while and google. Even some enterprises have their own network departments to carry out network marketing, but some companies put the marketing means are not rewarded, confused, began to doubt the network! Do network marketing to give up? I personally do not think, to give up because of network marketing is like sitting on behalf of the disadvantages? When the network in today’s society has been in the process of life, become a habit for many people, the competition between enterprises has long from the phone into a battlefield in wartime mouse, keyboard, if you don’t have to do for your network marketing tool, you are already behind

starting point!

if you want to allow enterprises to continue to profit is a responsibility of the owners, then in the future of social and international trade, network marketing has become one of the necessary weapons. When the network itself as a straight double media communication tool, its fast, flexible, interactive, accurate advantage can not be replaced with other tools and media; when the enterprise competitors and customers will enter the network as a communication transaction platform. Business owners should not consider whether to give up the network marketing, but how to more than its competitors to make good use of the Internet effectively, the integration and optimization of enterprise daily marketing work, to play its due role, causes the enterprise to win.

enterprises want to become their own network marketing winning weapons, business owners must strengthen their own internal strength:

first, to understand what is the real network marketing?

what is the network marketing network marketing is based on Internet technology, all corporate marketing activities. He is not a corporate website, not a company domain name, not search engine optimization, not search engine keyword advertising, but not the industry website. But: the use of network characteristics and technical advantages of enterprises in the development of traditional marketing strategies can be expanded. That is to say, the network marketing plan, will never be divorced from their overall marketing plan and develop independently, but should also penetrate into each of its links to analysis, overall planning, implementation from the market, the timely control, more direct compound of seize the network marketing.

so, that’s all

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