The viscosity of high lift offbeat fun SNS method

2009 in January began to play SNS attentively, and most of my friends, do not understand technology, the use of Kang Sheng uchome. I think the program is a tool, the key is to operate.

The website

I get called beautiful street draft, I do not have to do network friends, because friends can not grasp the universal theme, focus groups; two is no money to burn, because I was playing amateur website, is purely a hobby. From the site of the formal operation to now, has been more than 3 months, the registration number of nearly 2000 people, the activity is particularly high, unlike the search for "happy net" in some of the first page of the website, the number of registered millions of people online, but the number of scanty. That may be related to the website viscosity.

The viscosity of

SNS to a large extent lies in the positioning of the site. For example, the novel station, music station, the film station, etc. These can not be high viscosity, but taking into account the copyright, if we are very few original resources, or less to develop a little better in this direction. I see now many webmaster SNS website is what, the theme is not clear, or the competitiveness of the large, such as the cottage version of happy nets, can do it?

beauty Street draft network positioning in the draft. Netdraft is itself a viscosity topic, because the draft is a cyclical activity, long-term concern of users, therefore, can keep the heat, on the other hand, draft popularity spread easily, reduce the cost of publicity.

Establishment of

village system. Beauty street in addition to the mayor, the following will set up a lot of villages, each village has a village head, derived from the village of the village’s organizational structure, which greatly increased the beauty of the street cohesion. In fact, this is a reference to the traditional villages and forums, some of their existence, there must be some reason, especially the village system, can survive for thousands of years. In fact, the village system is mainly to create the star effect, will be divided into different groups of beauty street, and then it will focus on the village as the core. And the community moderators have very different is, in her village chief with the extended out of the crowd, and is as the dominant.

Establishment of

PK system. PK system includes the village and village home, between the user and the user, between the village head and village PK activities. People are competitive, women more competitive, so make good use of the PK strategy, the inner feelings will be released, the explosive force is great.

at present, beauty Street draft network is rapidly developing, its profit model is diverse, is still screening, and so have the time to communicate with you. Because for SNS, the biggest problem is the problem of profitability.

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