Talk about how to increase the flow of the site and return visit

often I would like to see, webmasters mistakenly believe that a simple way to increase traffic, is to attract as many new visitors

possible. This belief is part of the right, but the site can not be really popular, unless it also called on these new users so much that they decided to come back again and again.

each of us has some favorite places to stop on the web, we are now every one, and then get the information and entertainment we need. One of your key goals as a siteowner is to make your site such a place for as many people as possible. Your better success in doing so, your more products will be sold and higher advertising revenue will be.

why is it important to increase the return flow of


there are many reasons why you want your visitors back to your web page. If you sell the banner advertising space, you can easily calculate a person who, on your website, focusing on page 5, and then returned to the ten times in the next year, and check out the two average per visit "is 4 times the value of more than one who read five pages of but you forget all about you leaving.

owners of online stores benefit from increased returns, as well as traffic, because in many cases more than one visit is required to make sales. Visitors may not need the right of your product, but if he bookmark your site and use the bookmark after a period of time, he is likely to buy from you when it is right.

Another advantage of

is that visitors who come from this kind of loyalty are those who often visit your site often refer to their friends, family and colleagues. This can easily create a so-called traffic virus, which is when people are born to tell you about their acquaintances, who then spread to their acquaintances, etc.. While it may not sound like a very big deal, word of mouth is the primary source of traffic for many large web sites and the reason why they have become their today.

just where I thought I was – they pulled me back to

I don’t want to waste your time talking about the value of the return flow. You know, it will be beneficial to your site, and for our purposes, it is not enough. From this point on, we will focus on the most important question – do you need to do to get people to go back to your web page at any time?

Although there is no magic formula for

, there are a lot of things you can do to increase the likelihood that your users will be transferred to regular visitors. The first step is to have a large web site filled with high quality content. It sounds like it is self-evident that it is, but it is also the foundation that you will build. If your site isn’t the best thing that has come up since sliced bread, all the tricks in the world won’t help you to attract visitors to visit it second times. Will you go back to a web page and you find that the content of the

is tedious, starved, and lack of useful information?

even if your web site

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