Communication and marketing is a good story

what do most people do as a brand? The most common approach is to refine the advantages of their products and then enable a large number of media to do the maximum range of communication. In fact, this approach is effective, and whether it is right or wrong, I share with you a little story, called the cat to eat chili.

a father to two sons together, ask them how to let the cat eat chili, the eldest son of the first hands said: "let the cat eat chili is divided into three steps, the first step to the second step of the cats mouth open, pepper inside, the third step of the cat shut". When Dad disappointed shook his head and said: "you as the poor children should know where, where there is oppression against you, so this does not work".

two son said: "it is better to give the cat to eat chili, pepper in the meat to eat the cat, the cat will eat". Dad also shook his head down, "you as the poor children should know that cheating will only once, that not only after the cats do not eat chili, even it does not touch the meat bun". At this time, the two sons looked at each other and asked what their father should do?

father said: "you have to put pepper chili oil to the cat behind the cat will eat, why do cats eat? Because the cat hurts, it hurts it will lick, lick you wipe again and eat it. Cats do automatically eat chili."

this story from Buddhist "Baiyujing", this is the inside of the small story, this story explains the nature of our management, marketing and communication of the core.

management, marketing, communication is the essence of a particular group of people to change his behavior and awareness, to achieve your goals.

do we have to tell you what you should do, and then you get the staff to get the job done and achieve your goals?. Do marketing is that customers do not want to buy, you do marketing guide marketing strategy, so that customers have to purchase behavior.

to do the communication is also, the audience will have no knowledge of you, but you import through the information, so that he has a basic understanding of your brand, resulting in loyalty to the brand. In fact, this is the interpretation of the most authentic truth.

what is the usual way to change the behavior and cognition of others,


first called violence;

second is called cheating;

what is violence? If you don’t do what you will lose.

What is

cheating is cheating, if you do what you will get, in fact, is to draw a cake for you.

but in fact these two strokes useful? Most of the cases are useless. Do you see the father’s quality in? He told his two sons is different, in front of the two strategy is "I want you to do what, father’s strategy is to put my things into your things, let you spontaneously to do.


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