Copywriting is not a product but a concept

why is the steak house so hot?

not because of steak, but because of the smell of steak. The steak itself is not let consumers slobber, but the grilled steak sizzling sound.

in other words. Copywriting is not a product, but a concept.

What is the concept of

? It is an idea, a positioning, or a unique marketing strategy that represents the creation of new ideas. If a word is used to explain the concept, it is "change"".

1, Polaroid cameras.

concept: sell 10 seconds to wash the photos.

we don’t sell cameras, but 10 seconds. Take a good picture, do not have to wait.

2, Volkswagen beetle.

concept: think or small good.

we sell not a car, but a wisdom. Challenge the United States, a symbol of the rich man’s large car, the actual is greater than imagination, more than the real force loaded.

3, children’s cell phone.

concept: active protection of children.

is not a mobile phone sales, but a responsibility of parents. Confirm the status of the child from the parents’ mobile phone or computer.

so when writing a specific copy, how to behave? Find out the concept of the main two paths.

first, find the

from the product itself

sometimes, the concept is naturally generated from the product. The usual approach is to turn the product’s own advantages into a new product. Because the function feature is convenient to carry, there is a new concept of pocket camera, Walkman etc.. Because the camera is very powerful, there is the so-called self artifact phone, and even shoot the stars of the phone.

for example, kindle. For Kindle, we are not strangers. Kindle is so popular, not because it is a reading device, but a mobile library. Love knowledge, eager to read in busy.


Title: Mobile Library

wants to take all the books here and enjoy reading anytime, anywhere?

a Kindle paperwhite is enough!

for example, address book calculator. The invention of a new device, the device has a breakthrough in the electronic calculator display. Calculator can be used to store the names of your loved ones and friends, and now is the phone’s address book function. Here’s a copy of the shock man for this product.

Title: Pocket pages

you’re stuck.

you stay in a phone booth to find out

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