Offbeat thinking crooked ways do your traffic four

      Hello, I’m back, "larvae" I’ll write rubbish, the third part at the end to say to introduce more and get traffic, now go back, good stuff is keep the bottom pressure, now write out, no one will pay attention to me write something, we are to write text, if no support, it will come to naught, so today we lose appetite, the method, the next part of it (called me night nightmares, haha)

      can not let you white ah, continue to write a method of website traffic crooked ways, although not very serious, but you should use your head, coalescence effect is good. Since that was enough on the crooked, crooked ways, inclined to say it enough, it is inclined crooked.

      do webmaster, estimated that more male friends, and network age estimates are more than 35 years, ask you a question, have seen Mao, right? (the answer in chorus "sees"), have been yellow website to download the adult film? (the more volume answer "off"), well, basically 99.999% of male users have been too small adult website to download movies, we kind of website called the station of the station, I have the personality of the standing column, but the content is very formal Oh, I don’t do anything illegal. I went to college in Wuhan, I do not know which dormitory to put the kind of film, the sound of the great, the entire corridor echoed with the temptation of women ah ah ah…… Another time, I found that the uncle of the dormitory to sit in a dormitory with our students to observe"…… It is true, really!

      and paoti, feel shy ah, come back to say that the station visits, are actually quite amazing, the user viscosity I admire most of the Internet, this is not the only need to promotion, users will take the initiative to come to visit you, even if you beat him. Don’t scold him, let him, he is humble beg you to let him come, oh, if the normal station who do this point, the absolute cattle X. Since there are so many advantages, why don’t we use them? I believe we have the hands of a few of the address of the station, and do not have to come to me, I do not, I am afraid of breaking the law, I am timid. Nature of the station is the basic mode of the forum, you go to the movie download area, just look for an article to look at the number of times, quite scary. Well, let’s get started:

      first from your hair piece warehouse to find a good-looking, good-looking do not know what? It’s the first one you want to see every time you open it. Selected, continue, turn it into RMVB, will turn? Don’t say no, the webmaster will not, you say you will not, that means you are not a qualified webmaster. Why turn to RMVB? Because the REALONE player has a vulnerability that can be found in the video >

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