30 ways to improve the readability of Web sites

what is the most important aspect of web design? Many people will answer the readability of the website, how to make your content easier to read.

readers come to your site to read what they care about, and if the content of the article is obscured by the design, it will make it difficult for readers to read.

so what can we do to improve the readability of the site so that those readers stay to read it?

you can now do 30 things:

1, add underline for your link. Readers expect to see links with underscores, so don’t let them down.

2, use the appropriate line height for the text in the paragraph. A quick and easy way to measure the height of a line in a paragraph. The ideal situation is about 1.5 times the height of the font size.

3, in the design of a clear distinction between your published content. You publish content from where to start, where to end should be obviously, such as the sidebar, the article reviews, the additional information module should be visually distinct from the actual content.

4, if you use Pull-quotes, to ensure that this part of the content is obvious, and close to the top of the article. If the user does not recognize them quickly, they will be of no use.

5, keep it short. The same meaning, you need to write 50 words written words, but the words in the mouth may need only 30 words.

6, text and background contrast. Use the ‘Snook’ Color Contrast Checker to detect the text and background color of the page, to ensure that those with visual impairments can also read your content.

7, use the structure hierarchy for your document. For example: the title of the article: Introduction — text title content subtitle – content, it will make you more logical process ".

8, avoid the insertion of ads in the middle of the destruction of the integrity of the article, so it will interrupt the reader’s ideas.

9, to display the text in italic and bold style application, don’t change their color. It is easy to confuse the reader, so that they stop to think: is this a link?

10, the use of semantic tags. For example, the title of the article using H1, H2, H3 and other labels to highlight them. Maybe your

11, there are a lot of readers in the use of news aggregators to read your content, such as span class=, such as the label for them will not show any effect on the myheading.

12, in the beginning of the article using the map. The purpose of this is to suck

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