Zhu Zerong website soft writing to go through eight stages

purpose is clear: website soft writing, not a disguised form of advertising, but to the site and the original author of the promotion of communication, in order to expand its influence.

site soft writing to go through eight stages:

imitation stage, impetuous stage, practice stage and mature stage, stage, stage, stage, high scale occupation.

a, imitation stage

time: 1-3 months

when there is an urge for soft writing, to write articles, to an article published on the website, want soft writing has become an important power when the website starts writing.

this stage, is deliberately imitate, the author will read a lot of articles on the soft Wen writing, looking for some reference to write soft wen.

1, ready to writing, complete with their own language to express the intention of writing, to write the first ten articles will be written up very headache, crustily skin of head to write, delete and rewrite frequent phenomenon, will encounter not contribute cases, when the first published article in the heart to the site, there are a deep sense of joy.

2, deceitful style writing, writing the article based on the integration of the modified other people, usually two or three articles, east to the West and up, move together, into their own, and Department of his name, contribute to the relevant website, so writing published faster, published a chuckle. As for the article published and joy, and have a fear of being found concerns.

Zhu Zerong suggested:

1, a master door is very important, like learning calligraphy, first need some available copy of rubbings, and certain skill method guidance. If there is no teacher, the author will long-term in imitation stage until impetuous stage, inextricably bogged down in.

2, to contribute to the slightly famous website as the main target, not to blog, forums and other professional editing sites not published for the purpose of the former will quickly improve your writing level, once the first article published debut, second article third article published soon, quickly reached a primary level of writing, which published the way, will make you always hovering in the low levels of writing stage.

two, impetuous stage

time: 3-6 months

if the self writing, there will be the inconsistent, wandering reciprocating, skeptical stage, if a teacher guide, it will not appear in this stage.

this stage is mainly psychological contradictions rush to publish and not hair not to rush through the soft, bring to the site traffic and cannot create flow wandering psychology, and want to achieve product sales and business and not to see the anxiety and psychological customers through the soft wen.

1, a small number of people will stick to it, they will be attributed to their own problems, that is their ability to write and write

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