How does the product manager estimate product cost

software industry has been the development of project cost estimating habits, but even if the software industry has developed so many years, has not yet formed a set of mature software product evaluation system, the estimation results will still appear chaotic. So why is there such a confusion? In fact, the reality and the ideal contradiction. The boss always wants to know the details of the cost of the product for the first time, and in fact, the developer can only give a more accurate estimate of the cost of the product when it comes to a specific solution.


product manager how to evaluate product cost?

The so-called

, you can not have it both ways is the truth. If you want to be so persistent, then there are two results:

1, the estimated results are very different from the actual cost;

2, the estimated results are accurate, but greatly overrun;

The product estimation method mentioned in

‘s revelation is of universal significance and can solve the problems of most companies.

products before the product design, the first thing to do is to assess product opportunities. Evaluate product opportunities can be roughly solve a problem — the creative product is valuable? This time, the product still only in the concept stage, just know product ideas and problems to be solved, so we can only estimate the size of small, medium and large – level project. According to the scale of the project, estimate the project cost. This way of estimating the project car is definitely not accurate, but this kind of error is acceptable, and there will be no cross level error.

clear the following two things:

1, clear product opportunities are valuable;

2, estimated product cost acceptable;

with the above two premises, the boss will agree that the product manager has the resources to define the product solution.

The final solution given by the

product manager should include a high fidelity prototype available for user testing. In the process of defining a solution, it is necessary for the developer to assist in evaluating the cost of different solutions. Refer to the technical personnel evaluation results will be further adjusted solutions. To complete the product document can be formed after Mizuki, according to document details of a detailed assessment and reliable cost estimates.

at this stage, the product manager 3 output file: high fidelity prototype, product requirements document, credible cost estimates, this is the boss of products more carefree decision. If there is a problem with the solution, direct stop; if you decide to develop the product, then the product team is also fully understand the product definition and demand and the details of the cost of the background began to work.

macro speaking, cost estimates can be roughly divided into the following two stages:

1, make a rough estimate of product opportunities;

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