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few years ago, Ma said, do not do business you will regret it, but many individual owners did not do e-commerce gene, so Taobao customers for their customers, but Taobao is still a little competition for individual owners can not breathe, go seeking personal station only exports become long, then return we do advertising profits, more types of websites such as Taobao shop, is one of the best in this kind of knowledge to the website at present, but this kind of website is more, it is still a problem, that is, whether it is the use of SEO to optimize the superb, or the promotion of soft paper, or nowadays could not be hotter micro-blog marketing I also do this kind of website, personal webmaster, through the website content or advertising for Taobao customers to promote, reluctant to stick with station, said station Long is hard to force, in fact, really is, today to share several Taobao shop type website promotion experience.

most commonly used means: SEO keyword optimization

Why do you say that

is the most commonly used method, because before I also worked for Taobao customers, by the beginning of the blog, keywords ranking is good, but a little difficulty, not all of the core words and layout, especially some of the words is still very fire, for beginners, SEO optimization difficulty appeared in here. For SEO technology is relatively skilled personal webmaster, may be relatively easy, so the author summed up a few points:

1, try to update the latest updates, such as going to the news, or large sites, such as women can go to the Tencent female channel, or keywords, reprint the title change, we layout keywords, or do the word around this skill.

2, you can choose to do a good job in the internal link layout, not just to publish the article, SEO internal links is also critical, observe the Baidu encyclopedia will know.

3, choose the press form, published in the news station or a high weight of the site, through the search key words appear in the form of news in the form of access to the home page, but this way to spend higher.

4, content is king, suggest the webmaster for the original update, for a long time, easy maintenance, can be.

the most cost-effective means: soft marketing promotion

, do not know what is up a marketing tool, many myths are said over and over again, now really is the use of the time, we through the portal press, personal webmaster want to learn writing reports, this is the fundamental purpose of the soft is not only in the chain, also can do what the brand of course, the soft is a bit esoteric, but it is not so difficult, as long as you are willing to learn, not what is difficult to you.

1, writing contribute directly to get reproduced A5, increase the site of the chain, combined with the first SEO means, so that keywords ranking or website page weight upgrade.


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