He was Huarun strategic investment from the beginning of little O2O to nternet

Abstract: the new

said that cooperation after the two sides will be the first in the takeaway platform to explore new Internet plus retail formats.


this morning, O2O announced new life service platform for large, Huarun’s Huarun business and strategic investment fund. He said that cooperation after the two sides will be the first in the takeaway platform to explore new Internet plus retail formats.

specific ways of cooperation, Huarun’s Huarun vanguard, Suguo supermarket, Tesco, OLE, Vango convenience stores and Pacific Coffee, Hua Runtang thousands of offline retail stores will be a collective "move into the U.S.". By then, the user through the United States mission, the United States Mission takeaway and public comment APP entrance, you can enjoy half an hour to bring the new experience of life cycle.

it is understood that Huarun and Huarun venture fund is the industry focus to initiate the establishment of large areas of consumption of the fund, while Huarun is one of the key directly under SASAC’s 53 central enterprises, its business covers retail supermarkets, coffee chain, food, beverage, beer, etc., through the diversification of the whole industrial chain business combination and become the industry’s leading retail brand. Huarun users are most familiar with the ordinary users, is one of Huarun’s business.

after the merger of the new large, quiet a lot than before. In January this year, the company received a $3 billion 300 million investment led by Tencent, hit the highest record of the amount of private equity financing in China’s Internet industry, but also become the world’s largest O2O financing area.

according to the new aspects of the data, which currently has nearly 600 million users, cooperation in all kinds of businesses reached 4 million 320 thousand, covering almost all levels of the city Chinese. As of June 30, 2016, the new Guinness platform for the accumulation of various types of POI (point of interest) information has reached 20 million, June has exceeded 11 million 500 thousand single peak orders.

is now the new big are more willing to say that they are comprehensive, the largest life service industry business platform". "I do not seeme to subvert the Internet, but Internet plus, is willing to cooperate with all walks of life in the new outstanding enterprises, the use of Internet technology, data and tools for Industry empowerment, help the industry transformation of the Internet, to achieve a win-win situation, to provide consumers with better service." In cooperation, the official said a large u.s..

but this change in the new CEO Wang Xing is also reflected in the recent speech. Wang Xing said:

The new

do O2O, from the beginning to now, only made a very thin layer, or the main drainage line, which is to help businesses do marketing, do the whole industry chain that the last one short. Look back, "Internet plus" to do is each industry from upstream to downstream of the Internet industry, not only to do marketing, at the end of the deal for a short, but can really improve the efficiency of the entire industry, the use of the Internet by IT.

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