Happy net CEO Cheng Binghao to talk about entrepreneurship do group purchase is burn off


Cheng Binghao is

burn off group purchase

– Evening News reporter Qin Chuan reported mapping Ren Ping

was once known as the "most mysterious Internet CEO", in the past two years to become the media low-key insulator Kaixin CEO Cheng Binghao recently accepted an interview with the first Shanghai, evening news reporter, responded to the question.

city first king of the flag seems to be the Internet industry’s relentless inexorable law, facing the new enemy SNS led by micro-blog struck, from the beginning of 2008, hit the limelight without the two happy net user distribution began to face embarrassment, and in the past year, enter the strategic transformation of micro-blog group purchase have been rebuffed, causing the industry sigh. IT male born Cheng Binghao does not hesitate to have problems, also do not worry about the future earnings growth. He said, happy network will be the transformation of social networking in the future, which is the only way for China’s SNS industry.

and Ma Huateng a few meals to finalize cooperation

even in the most prosperous period of the network is also a low-key low-key all interviews, perennial closed door research techniques Cheng Binghao has been a media insulator, in the public impression and cold, mysterious and other words linked. In fact, the company called "IT Indoorsman head" is not as legendary so boring. An interview with reporters, he said to the audience of hundreds of people in a SNS industry forum, relentlessly on their own is not tall but must "bricks" battle of ridicule.

not long ago, Tencent announced into the capital of happy net, marriage of the two usually rarely intersect and even the existence of competition between the players, so many businesses are slightly surprised. Cheng Binghao told the evening news reporter revealed that he and Ma Huateng have been in contact in private Tencent CEO, the head of "meals" to finalize the cooperation intention, but is a big pile of cooperation agreement for the two legal work for a long time.


"we asked the most, what is the Tencent will give you how much QQ popups. As a matter of fact, we have never discussed this problem." Cheng Binghao said that the current focus is to expand its cooperation platform to open up, API open interface standard in the future the happy net, two Tencent will be adjusted to the same, for the latter on the platform of third party developers, and developers to attract new migration Baotuan synchronized settled.

prior to the outside world has blasted happy net open too late and lost the initiative, Cheng Binghao believes it is "said in the beginning, but not necessarily say in the outcome". He revealed that in January this year, happy network canceled the original internal happy lab, so that many third party applications to save lengthy assessment and direct access, the effect is also very significant. In July this year, only 12 of our API, but now there are 118, an increase of ten times in the past four months."

to enter the group purchase is crazy burn scare

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