U S nternet real estate agency Redfin financing 14 million 800 thousand

October 28th news, according to U.S. technology blog techcrunch reported that the U.S. Internet real estate agency Redfin yesterday raised $14 million 800 thousand in a new round of financing. The Seattle based Internet company aims to save money for home buyers and sellers in the transaction.

at this point, the network of real estate brokerage firm’s total financing amounted to $46 million. The Redfin round of financing will be traced back to the 2009 of November, when the D round of financing, Redfin raised $10 million.

reported that the rapid rise of the online real estate trading company, angered the housing long intermediary service professionals, just a few years ago, was also a fierce attack by these professionals.

this round of financing, by investing in new information technology company Vc firm Globespan Capital Partners lead investor, Redfin has Madrona Venture Group Vulcan investment agency, Capital Draper, Fisher Jurvetson and Greylock Partners. also participated in the investment. As part of this round of financing, Globespan executive director Venky Ganesan will join the board of directors of Redfin.

average per transaction for the user to save $7000

Redfin CEO Coleman Gregory · (Glenn Kelman) said that since the company was established in 2006, through the website to buy or sell the house user transaction volume has accumulated more than $6 billion, the average of each transaction can be for users to save $7000. Overall, Redfin has saved a total of $85 million for the user.

, according to Redfin, 97% of users who use the site’s intermediary services, are willing to recommend this site to their friends. Moreover, the vast majority of users are relatively young, is the first time to buy or sell. However, more and more people over the age of 45 began to use the site for the sale of housing transactions.

it is worth noting that 20 days ago in October 8th, the U.S. technology news site BusinessInsider on more than 300 global Internet startups were assessed, making a "Internet start-up company in 2011 the most valuable 100" list. Redfin ranked 57. This list, Facebook, social game developer Zynga, the largest U.S. buy site Groupon and China’s Jingdong mall occupy the top four.

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