Daily topic jumei com was sued by the beauty firm refers to publish false misleading statements

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network January 4th news, jumei.com recently is quite smooth, the United States announced yesterday Levi& Korsinsky law firm, has been in the eastern part of New York District Court for jumei.com (NYSE:JMEI) filed a class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit is the representative of the

listed in November 20, 2014 to May 16, 2014 jumei.com "during the period of collective action" to buy the company’s stock investors. Last December 16th, Milberg LLP announced that the U.S. law firm is investigating jumei.com, and jumei.com representative investors to initiate collective action in court.


lawsuit alleges that jumei.com in the class action period issued false misleading statements and / or fails to disclose the following information: (a) the company through the commodity sales business mode change from the market service changed the revenue model; (b) the shift poses a significant risk to the financial performance after the success of jumei.com; (c) jumei.com did not like to expand market services as it claims.

fake things jumei.com is very passive, so can only cut third party platform business. But in fact, it brings some trouble to investors, because the focus is on the development of the third party platform is very good, the future can do a lot. But now it’s all proprietary. Throughout the above expectations and the goal is to give investors a certain distance." Lu Zhenwang said.

"like jumei.com heavy vertical electric market capacity is limited, and with the integrated electricity supplier in the market segments in the vigorously layout, will be very difficult in the future. Can not say there is no foothold in the market, but its market share may not be able to withstand the expectations of the capital market." Analysys International analyst Wang Xiaoxing said.

jumei.com throughout nearly half a year to share price performance has gradually declining trend since August 15, 2014. In August 15th last year, the stock price of $37.89, in 2015 the closing price of $13.88 in January 2nd, a decline of up to 63.37%. The lowest price of jumei.com shares fell to $12.7. Listed only four months time, jumei.com’s share price has shrunk by nearly 70%.

previously, the United States has been 3 of America’s collective action, these firms accused jumei.com of multiple false disclosure, misleading statements, and information disclosure and other violations of the law. Since the founder Chen Ou by micro-blog for the "fake" and "by the United States firms siege two topic response since last December jumei.com 16 stocks trading began to climb, after two consecutive trading days closing up.

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