Jinshan listed flowers and sticks

      Qiu Baijun finally boiled woman, the first Chinese programmers finally put domestic Kingsoft to the port city, of course, and he together with the boys face Lei Jun, finally an irresistible force.

      WPS Qiu Baijun gave Chinese people free, and challenge Microsoft for so many years, and always adhere to the growth, Jinshan on behalf of the domestic software problems, but a man changed jinshan! This person is Lei Jun.

      Lei wise and bold to Jinshan led to the field of online games, online games make RMB to catch up with the good time, also let Jinshan pockets bulging, now Kingsoft online games accounted for more than 60 market share, which fully demonstrates the wisdom and vision of Lei Jun. Of course, as the independent development of online games Jinshan listed, than those of the foreign game agent is bound to be a large number of significance, after all, they have the initiative, they have the ability to develop independently.

      Jinshan listed flowers sent here, the following points to send sticks.

      1 equity allocation. Equity allocation seems reasonable, but the ESOP is too small, I still cannot forget the story of Huaqi, so the distribution of equity is not only to let investors satisfied, let employee satisfaction.

      2.wps future is not bright. Microsoft’s opponent is indeed a lot, and now the most headache Microsoft Google also launched a free web office, although the function is weak, but with a representative trend. WPS in the future will still be ugly duckling image.

      3 kingsoft. Free antivirus software is experiencing rising test, has launched a free strategy of their own, and Kabasiji in Zhou Hongyi under the help of the installed capacity increased, the competition and oppression of Kingsoft face is very large, because the free antivirus software may become a reality.

      4 online games industry competition intensifies. Shi Yuzhu join online games, online games can certainly make a lot of money, but the more people do, the more users choose. Online games are now the main business Jinshan, however, the game seems not so easy to make money, of course, except Shi Yuzhu. In addition to the traditional online NetEase, Jinshan, grand princes and so on, foreign game companies directly kill probability is great.

      I wish Qiu Baijun and his golden hill singing all the way, the blessing of domestic software.

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