Copycat by about 400000 national victims hundreds of Alibaba

  graph for highly simulated Alibaba website

Modern Express reported on February 3rd criminal gangs use highly simulation of fake Alibaba website website released a large number of false winning information, and to provide 400 customer service calls, get some money again and again. Within a few months, the number of people cheated, across more than and 20 provinces and cities nationwide, involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Recently, Lan Shengli, the four principal characters for profit, fraud gang led by Liang Chenghua, the Jiang Tao was arrested by Nanjing Xiaguan District procuratorate.

4 remittances were deceived

April 16, 2008, Nanjing public Lee reported to the police. In April 9th, Lee received a message on the Internet, said he was "the use of the account system" pumping in the Alibaba and SONY cooperation sweepstakes award, prize 38000 yuan and SONY notebook computer, please visit the activities of the Alibaba website.

Lee click into the winning information provided by the web site, found that the Alibaba website has winning the award rules of the event, and the site also has an advisory telephone 4006758886. Later, Lee repeatedly call the phone to "Alibaba" consultation, then in accordance with the rules of the award, has four times to a bank card into the "bonus transfer fee", "prize EMS air express mail fee", "insurance gold award", "personal income tax", "margin". Were 1350 yuan, 7600 yuan, 7800 yuan, 9800 yuan, a total of 26550 yuan. After Lee did not receive the award, he asked the headquarters of Alibaba, Hangzhou, only to confirm their cheated.

400 number lock fraud gang

Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report after the Shimonoseki branch, immediately launched investigation. At the beginning of the investigation, the police clues are just two groups of figures, that is, Lee provided the bank card account number and the number of the company’s advisory telephone number 4006758886. Police found that the bank card to open an account in the Guilin, an account of a GUI, the card in April 1, 2008 to open an account, respectively, in Guilin, Nanning, Liuzhou, Zhanjiang, Chengdu and other places to withdraw money. However, further investigation found that the bank card is fraudulent use of GUI card accounts, this investigation clues interrupted.

at the same time, according to the 4006758886 police investigation found that this number is the suspect with a fake Alibaba company business license and registration of fax, telephone companies to buy 400 through a QQ number. Registration, the suspect with this QQ number while applying for 5 number 400, and did not leave any identity information.

police found that the use of this means to buy more than 400 of the number of more than 5 suspects in the name of Alibaba website and Tencent website, a total of purchased a number of 400 for fraud crime. 400>

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