2 digital domain name 99 cc sold transaction price 1 million 200 thousand yuan

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) April 15th news, specializing in digital domain name "Royal three brothers" of Wang Bingjian in the recent sale of 99.cc, according to him, the transaction price of 1 million 200 thousand yuan.

figure: 99

it is understood that the buyer is also an investor in the domain name, through the phone to communicate 4, 5 times, after more than a month after the buyer to complete the transaction in the first few days of thinking. According to Wang Bingjian said that buyers because of the potential to take this domain name at the expense of a lot of money. He believes that the value of the.Cc domain name is in addition to.Com/.cn, other domain names can not be compared, and.Net rival.

99.cc registration time is October 1997, the number "99" and "for a long time, wine, uncle, 99" homophonic, meaning, long-lasting meaning better, people more love, named after 99 in the domestic website there are many, such as 99, 99 dormitory network network, 99 cartoons, 99 accompaniment, Hotel 99 games. The domain had been bought by Wang Bingjian’s eldest brother, said the price of nearly one million yuan, Wang Xiaohe.

".Cc" is the national domain name suffix is also used to refer to the Cocos Islands, Commercial Company (business). There are a lot of investors expressed a preference for this type of domain name, since this year, there are many.Cc suffixes to sell a good price, such as 12.cc in the 6 digit transaction, js.cc with 6 digit change etc..

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