YY in the Tencent under the threat of low key growth

business for 7 years, Li Xueling from the NASDAQ bell Taiwan is a step closer.

Beijing time on the evening of October 15th, celebrations of the times CEO Li Xueling only in his personal micro-blog knock on the "YY" two letters. This happened in the celebrations of the times formally submitted to the SEC prospectus a few minutes later, in March this year following the success of vip.com in the United States after the IPO era celebrations this year became the first profitable and United States IPO Chinese enterprises.

many people may not know, togetherness era is a kind of company, but its main business of YY voice, for most of the domestic online game player is not strange. Ai Rui reports that YY voice in 2011 has occupied nearly 84.2% of China’s online collective voice communications market.


as one of the era’s core products, YY is more like a copy of "a Tencent under the Tencent". The Tencent under pressure within a Tencent, and YY similar products had three or four models, the QTalk was completely against YY and Tencent game platform bundled promotion, to check the YY. As a competitor, Li Xueling said more, Tencent’s enemy is a friend.

Li Xueling, an old acquaintance, IT commentator Hong Bo told reporters, from the game, value-added services, advertising and other revenue structure, togetherness era is aimed at the "create a Tencent to go.

under this, togetherness era seems to be caught in a contradiction: to seek greater development, to develop more business model in addition to the game, but to open up it will be subject to the Tencent positioning efforts. In the mobile Internet wave hit, Tencent threat to the YY did not decrease. Roth one analyst believes that in the future, togetherness era is still a long way to go.

low-key growth

April 2005, away from the editor in chief of NetEase post, $1 million angel investment Li Xueling took to the Lei Jun to start a business, in a residential building in Guangzhou Tianhe, started to play the game network.

the early start of the play to treasure all the pressure in the "World of Warcraft" this one game, with "World of Warcraft" area, play the game network from numerous game portal two or three flow A new force suddenly rises., three months after its launch site traffic exceeded one million.

but rely on advertising to achieve the threshold of the game information is not high, as the traditional portal advertising business, limited growth. In business for three years, more than once again choose a single point of breakthrough strategy, launched online games to solve the communication problems in the war voice software YY voice. This voice software quickly became popular, in April 2009, the company set up a more independent voice YY Client Division, will determine the YY speech focused the next ten years.

2009 to the end of September 2012, the number of registered users of YY voice were 36 million 500 thousand, 125 million, 266 million and 400 million.

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