My story with Vc 3 Vc is also crazy

see me a few years ago to today’s experience and ideas, is defective, I recorded over the past few years and the story of VC, I hope more friends take some detours, I avoid some of the mistakes, more rational to treat Vc and treat ideal IPO and acquisition.

went on to tell the story, time flies, time flies, Kazakhstan, in just one year.

In 2005

, this stage I still insist that the venture capital is still relatively easy to get, because the wind is not successful, because Vc is cunning, not their ability to "talk" to them, oh, wrong, they should be "touched".

this year, a man suddenly appeared, came to Xi’an to find me, told me he had a good project, large projects, and can get investment.

let me temporarily slow down the development of the site to do this new project. This guy is not an ordinary person, including a few friends later joined are worth millions of webmaster, and hands together to control the flow of tens of millions, the team in the webmaster circle quite luxurious package taste.


team were clear, once a portal to get VC VP, responsible for several senior webmaster, responsible for product promotion, I was responsible for BD, see the portal VP to join, once again feel a lot of dollars from Tianshan falls.

I’ll obey the team arrangement, began to run around here and there to talk about cooperation. Just 2 months, "QQ crazy" for each of the users are basically known to every family, received over the QQ "I’m XXX onhook, please leave a message, and a well-known Internet enterprise investment from the beginning up to tens of millions, the team because of greed, the delay did not tanlong progress delayed.

then a sudden change, let me understand that housing products is fragile, overnight, everything becomes unable to grasp the people’s strong Tencent.

six months later, VC did not see, the project also saw the collapse of the business to talk out from the beginning to sit first class, has slipped to the bus ride… Smile after the closing time, disband. Take a look at yourself, to help Tencent to modify the QQ level upgrade method, he returned to understand the former, the rest of the hand is only U9 this station.

in 2005, that year, crazy Vc and us, everyone eager to human greed.

In 2005,

networks in the world were Lee, streams of people busily coming and going, all profits go to.

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