Ali cloud invested hundreds of millions of resources to help small and medium site migration server

news August 7th, Alibaba group, Ali announced the launch of cloud computing cloud station project, will continue to invest hundreds of millions of resources, to help small and medium-sized site from the traditional server migration to Ali cloud cloud server.

Ali cloud also launched a series of websites for small and medium support plans, including cooperation projects with phpwind CNZZ, Ali cloud, Taobao alliance, providing server, website software, data statistics, business income and promotion training exchanges and a series of complete services for small and medium sized websites.

according to reports, the cloud on the project is mainly for data storage in the traditional server on the small and medium sites, including the use of traditional IDC or self built room owners. Ali cloud computing is to provide cloud server, relational database RDS, open storage service OSS, open data processing services ODPS, open structured data services such as OTS services, small and medium-sized websites mainly use cloud server and relational database RDS and some ancillary products.

Ali cloud computing business director Zhang Jing introduction, Ali cloud goal is to build the first platform to share data on the Internet, cloud computing is the three level of storage, computing, services. The significance of cloud computing is to reduce the cost of small and medium-sized site data accumulation, so that the cost of not become a bottleneck in small website development, Ali cloud hope that through the "cloud station" project to help small and medium-sized site migration to the cloud server, and establishes a comprehensive service system, reduce the cost of migration.

Ali cloud senior expert Liu Fei introduced the data migration service, transfer from the traditional small website server to the cloud server, by Ali cloud is responsible for the whole, can through the total and incremental way to reduce downtime when long, for a few smaller migration project can achieve the second move even".

, according to reports, Ali cloud will also be launched to buy activities, to further reduce the use of small and medium sized cloud server rates. (day)

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