WeChat CATONG first show internet financial panic not anxious


January 15th, the legendary WeChat version of balance treasure time and again come out, but this is not a successful debut, slightly desperate.

mobile Internet wave, third party payment ushered in the spring of second, with a new window of opportunity. Has been lagging behind Alipay’s Tencent caifutong, hang vest in the WeChat 700 million WeChat payment, users and the use of high frequency blessing, was interpreted as subversion of Alipay products.

Alipay and WeChat caifutong payment competition, become nowadays the most in topic, even in the financial field, two infighting, war huan.

last year, Alipay cooperation with Celestica fund, launched the balance of treasure, then on "WeChat version of the balance of treasure" the news frequently broke, Alibaba Group shares Celestica fund, the industry also reported the WeChat version of the balance of treasure and four fund companies, however, WeChat version of the balance of treasure – CAITONG, start appearance is Huaxia Fund and exclusive cooperation.

is interesting, CAITONG on-line, Alipay and Celestica fund suddenly announced that as of January 15, 2014, more than 250 billion of the size of the balance of treasure. Huaxia Fund at the end of 2013 the size of the asset management of 244 billion 715 million yuan, that is, Celestica is likely to have exceeded China fund, becoming the industry’s first.

first super worry may accelerate the cooperation between the Chinese fund and the money paid through WeChat. However, CAITONG debut with Huaxia Fund exclusive, also caused the other three fund dissatisfaction, even exclaimed being played. Allegedly, cooperation fund companies in addition to bear loaning fees and costs, but also need to TenPay pay a hefty fee fee is the marketing, marketing to buy customers". The caifutong according to WeChat for fund companies to bring the customer number of charges, a user account that is charged 10 yuan, if the customer account and then purchase the fund received 5 yuan, if the customer purchases equity funds are then charged 15 yuan.

in fact, Huaxia Fund and the money paid through WeChat docking is the treasure of Chinese wealth fund, in fact, this fund has long been in Taobao financial channel Huaxia Fund store shelves. Huaxia Fund and the payment of money to pay WeChat cooperation, reflects the WeChat payment and WeChat in the channel pressure advantage. However, WeChat does not seem to improve payment products and experience, launched CAITONG, slightly desperate.

First of all,

, easy to buy funds, cash is difficult, wide into the strict out. CAITONG this is not a PC version, WeChat client is the only operating portal. Funds transferred to a minimum of 0.01 yuan, but the amount of single card purchase shall not exceed $8000, the account funds shall not exceed 1 million. During the trial run, cash withdrawal amount shall not exceed 6000 yuan, up to a maximum of 3 times a day.

secondly, the bank is too small, narrow access channel. CAITONG products based on WeChat to pay, WeChat is based on the payment of Tencent. Fu Fu Tong public information shows that the money paid through fast support domestic 5>

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