Bitcoin two months or up 80% from the last radiance of the setting sun

every reporter Zhang Wei from Beijing

has been controversial virtual currency – bitcoin, from its recent price trend, it seems once again won the favor of investors.

recently, bitcoin trading platform, the highest price of 4165.24 yuan /BTC, the price from the beginning of April 2000 yuan to 4000 yuan a recent breakthrough /BTC, compared to the beginning of the April lows of 80%.

, however, in the industry view, bitcoin plate is very easy to be controlled by the dealer, so the price rise in a short time there are human factors in it, is still not optimistic about the prospects for development. Also bitcoin game player to the "daily economic news" reporter said, bitcoin development in foreign countries is very good, especially the United States, Britain, the rapid increase in mining costs, directly raise the price of bitcoin.

price to break through 4000 yuan

after several months of ups and downs, bitcoin re break 4000 yuan /BTC.

the "daily economic news" reporter from bitcoin China K-line pending market noticed, bitcoin price from the beginning of April the lowest 2419 yuan /BTC in June 3rd up to 4211 yuan /BTC, rose nearly 80%, 18:19 yesterday afternoon, bitcoin prices fell slightly to 3975.31 yuan /BTC.

recently, apple App allows the creation of virtual currency and the first bitcoin center in Paris, the industry has been interpreted as good news bitcoin.

bitcoin senior players Song Huanping told the daily economic news reporter, my view is actually very simple, bitcoin development at home and abroad is very good, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom and other places. The law is clear, mining costs are increasing rapidly, directly raise the price of bitcoin."

"now, exchange machine, payment, consulting and other fields have a lot of competition in these areas if all goes well, there will be a heavyweight domestic companies." Song Huanping said.

, however, a senior adviser to the Royal Bank of Canada Chen Sijin on the daily economic news reporter, said bitcoin market is still too small, the scale of several billion dollars, several large easy to raise its price. If there is no volume of price increases, there may be a trap. The recent rise in bitcoin is clearly the banker in the short sellers, some short of a lot of people lost. But before bitcoin prices also plummeted dealer in the harvest. Bitcoin into the financial market, the casino is still black, fooled a number of retail."

no amount rise or bubble

December 5, 2013, the people’s Bank and other five ministries issued "notice" on guard against the risk of bitcoin, which requires all financial institutions and Payment institutions may not bitcoin price for the product or service, shall not directly or indirectly provide other services related to bitcoin for customers. Since then, bitcoin prices fell sharply.

this year

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