Beijing will push the website webmaster real name registration system

Beijing News News June 17th

Beijing will strictly control the total amount of Internet cafes, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other departments will develop the prevention and control of harmful Internet content filtering software, Internet cafes, schools and families; Internet users will enjoy free download green Internet filtering software service; in the future, web hosting, editors, moderators etc. must be real name registration.

yesterday in the capital, purify the social cultural environment and the work of Ideological and moral construction of minors work meeting, capital spiritual civilization issued "on the implementation of" opinions of the CPC Central Committee General Office of the general office of the State Council on a number of opinions "to further purify the social and cultural environment to promote the healthy growth of minors".

300 million fund outstanding network works

Beijing City Vice Mayor

Cai Fuzhao said that this year Beijing will come up with 3 million yuan to set up a reward fund, carry out excellent network novels, network songs and health network game puzzle collection contest, to encourage the introduction of more suitable for minors network culture boutique."

strictly control the total amount, adjust the stock, optimize the structure". For the management of Internet cafes, Cai Fuzhao said that Beijing will be in the premise of the same amount of Internet cafes, Internet cafes to promote the existing chain, the use of Internet cafe management system, investigate and deal with illegal admission of minors and other acts, to prevent illegal and harmful information in the Internet bar, and prevent it to black net spread in rural areas".

recently, the city cultural law enforcement corps, the Municipal Bureau of cultural affairs will be recruited Internet cafes to monitor volunteers, the formation of Internet cafes supervisor team, in order to be able to find, stop the contents of pornographic Internet cafes.

million volunteers to monitor bad website

currently, the city’s Beijing site up to more than 370 thousand. Cai Fuzhao said that Beijing will establish a network management database. In addition, the corporate culture will also explore network access, occupation access, job access system; pay close attention to the implementation of the site sponsors, editors, moderators and real name registration.

Beijing City Management Office of the relevant responsible person said, before the end of this year, Beijing will set up a network million people volunteer team, site monitoring for adverse trends; Beijing holds information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit website, will take the examination and broadcast information management, record retention measures, in order to detect and prevent illegal and harmful information; the three departments of the Municipal Communications Authority, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, will jointly provide punishment charges on behalf of service providers for pornographic websites.

R & D filtering software to prevent harmful content

meeting revealed that the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau will develop filtering software, using technical means to control harmful content. The Municipal Communications Authority will develop green Internet filtering software, in the future, Internet cafes, schools, families and other network users can be free to download green Internet filtering software.

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