A brief talk on the phenomenon of nternet random reprint

      the rapid development of the Internet, while information is the mainstream.

      when we look at each piece of information, whether the word "source:"

      today to talk about is a bad phenomenon, many sites will be reproduced phenomenon

      in August 16th, I started a Admin5 in the Ali mother to create a personal webmaster marketing road

      today through the search engine, found many sites for this article was reproduced

      at that time, the mood feeling is not bad, prove this article to the reader as well as the value of reading

      when I click into the look, it’s very annoying

      many sites to reprint the author of the identity of the source is

      not detached and I and Admin5, these people

when doing this behavior

      do you think of the author’s feelings? Whether it really beyond the moral bottom line

      of course, there are some popular good site, here is not to point out

      I only cut off the following site pictures, let everyone think



      I and ADMIN5’s editor ditch through

      he felt that these problems were inevitable

      while I personally feel

      personal station if benign development, can only slowly standardized

      start from the details, slowly grow up

      from another point of view

      the copyright issue of the Internet is worthy of attention, and the international legal issues clearly point out:

      have been published in the press or

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