WeChat small program upgrade the official launch of the Spring Festival in 2017

WeChat public platform "

many developers waiting for a small program" has entered the beta stage, it is not better than the effect of APP and APP, according to Ma Huateng, a small program will be officially launched in 2017 after the spring festival.


today, WeChat public platform small program launched the latest version of 0.11.122100, a large-scale upgrade, added a lot of features, and do a lot of repair. Details are as follows:

1, share

can share a small program of any page to a friend or group chat.

2, template message

merchant can send template messages to users who have received the service, users receive a service within seven days can receive a template message.

3, customer service message

users can contact customer service in small programs, support for text and pictures. Businesses can reply to users within 48 hours.



users can use the sweep in a small application.

5, two-dimensional code with parameters

support in the developer tools to generate a two-dimensional code with the parameters, the user scan code, you can open the different pages of small programs. This feature is currently limited to developers and users to use.

in addition, the new version also optimizes and repair of more than and 100 functions, such as substantial enhancement of map ability, 4 new API, dozens of API and repair components Bug, add 2 component and 6 component events (10, expanded) increased API and debugging tools for developers new components / WeChat paid support.

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