Who can take three hundred thousand from Baidu

      today opened Admin5, will see such a news: "Baidu said the graduates can get 15~30 million, as was a member of the army’s job, as the habit of attention for a moment, after reading the article, can not help but smile.

      a "Baidu for the new year’s salary is not capped, as long as it is the best top talent, it is possible to get 300 thousand annual salary, we actively pursue the top talent, the more the better."

      which companies do not need top talent? The most outstanding talent is the enterprises can bring higher profits, this is indeed a top talent, each company’s yearn day and night. But this top talent, graduates can do it?

      not domestic university education and college students now and education of the line, only from the word "top talent" analysis, are graduates can reach the general, why? "Experience" is not a born! Is the talent, the day after tomorrow is a process of timber.

      so graduates can be called talent, not because they really do not work hard, but such a person, or lack of experience and honed, really become a talent, it cannot use the graduates to call the.

      two. "Lu Lingmin said that the characteristics of the computer industry, many outstanding students before graduation have rich experience and superb technology, their ability to get the level of salary worth."

      indeed, many of the best graduates have a very rich experience before graduation, but as far as I know, most of the experience is for the website and regular programming, and the plasticity of the graduates, many excellent companies will be through various channels to understand and contact these outstanding the students in the third year senior, and university tutor will invite the students to do the project, thus diverting outstanding graduates to a certain extent to.

      Baidu said, such speculation, I don’t think that is a malicious, see from a word, in fact Baidu is to hint: you are the graduates can choose Baidu, Baidu to welcome you! In fact, such propaganda is also a talent recruitment advertising, for graduates, is a good reminder.

      but the most puzzling is: why now?

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