Kun Peng Theory Reflection drops and where customers are forced to fast capital to entrap

this weekend is Christmas, but compared with the past few years of economic hot Christmas, the kind of taste of the festive atmosphere with a lot of foreign.

last week a lot of news, such as: we talked before the ants move the treasure default; Alipay AR red hot in China, but there is a neighbor called the adorable treasure company in its official micro-blog, WeChat issued a document called the Alipay "AR real red" is copied from them; the United States Trade Representative Office issued the protection of intellectual property rights report, taobao.com 10 China online market was included in the "bad market", for a total of 1/4 list; December 21st Shanghai "net about booking a taxi management service management regulations" promulgated… > so much news, Kun Peng carefully studied on the V+ online platform to hudu takeover, as well as in the network about the car after the introduction of rules on pieces of various reports, where some similarities and drops indistinct, well, today to talk about this.

VANCL founder vintage in the late reflection said, "wrong too fast, wrong in greed". In fact, this summary also applies to drops.


review of the growth of the two companies are faster than the ears.

was founded in 2010 2007 where the customer, "VANCL style" advertising where the customer suddenly became popular, sweeping the high streets and back lanes, when revenues exceeded 2 billion, rising rapidly in the whole industry status. Second years, customers began crazy expansion, turnover target set to 6 billion yuan, is 3 times last year, then continue to overweight, adjusted to 10 billion yuan. Within a few months, the new plant and production lines, hundreds of new recruits, the team expanded to 13 thousand people. At that time, where is the darling of the capital, is the eyes of the world star enterprise.

also had brilliant drops, was once the world’s super unicorn, have access to the capital of the thousands of pet, nearly 6000 employees, along with its CEO, angel investors, executives at all levels have become the envy of jealous super net red, entrepreneurial stage in the Chinese, because they are drops of red CEO, and the achievements of net net net red red angel investors, executives, appear in a variety of media reports, numerous conference, telling stories of success.

Where the customer

and drops very quickly, it should be the Lei that "only fast break" famous


however, the world of martial arts but not fast breaking, but without years of hard skills, unremittingly bear bitter hardships, you’re not up to


all saying goes all at all times and in all countries, told us that Rome was not built in a day constant in a day, Rome was not built in a day, there is no diamond, do not embrace porcelain live, money is really good stuff, but money is not everything, money can’t buy solid days and months multiplying the internal strength, the final is a huaquanxiutui.

Eric and

> actually drops

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