The outer limit order gate of foreign drama SARFT strict after a permit

in the outer limit order after the implementation of a quarter, so that foreign friends, such as bitter drama finally came.

June 30th, South Korea’s SBS television, "Jekyll and Hyde" I passed the examination, Youku potatoes get a quasi broadcast sequence, become the first network permits the introduction of foreign drama; 10 days later, the Sohu video released the "Big Bang" won the eighth season (Beijing) trial network (2015 word play No. 0001) the broadcast license, becoming the "outer limit order" after the whole network first to get a license for the u.s..


a video insiders told reporters that the new regulations of foreign drama to a certain extent after extrusion Korean copyright soaring price of water, but the video site is still the "content is king", the future may also continue to appear a number of video sites at competing popular drama situation. This means that the cost of foreign drama copyright or polarization.

"time difference" mode

from the beginning of April 1st this year, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio issued the "notice on the further implementation of the relevant provisions on the management of online foreign film and television drama" (hereinafter referred to as "notice") formally implemented. In accordance with the provisions of the notice, the introduction of drama in the video site has a number of restrictions, content requirements, after the first trial broadcast, unified registration, the four main principles. The new line of foreign TV drama "must get the entire season with a good film and subtitle trial, through the audit, obtain license number can on-line broadcast. This also means that the video site for the introduction of foreign drama into the time difference mode.

in recent 7 months than the Korean audience, than after the American audience in recent 10 months, the drama "Jekyll and Hyde," I, "" Big Bang "became the first batch of China users see this year overseas drama.

, from the popular Internet comic drama "Korea, Jekyll and Hyde" I took the lead through the audit, to broadcast the serial number, and began to broadcast in July 13th. See the reporter login, "Jekyll and Hyde," playing a total amount of 79 million 210 thousand, while in the last week of Korean Youku playback volume ranked first. Followed by the TV series "Big Bang" in season eighth. At present, the play has been broadcast on Sohu video 4 sets, the total volume reached 19 million 340 thousand.

as the "outer limit order" issued after the introduction of the first series, the "Big Bang" popularity in the expected. In last year’s sixty-sixth session of the American television Emmy, the protagonist of "Sheldon Jim · Parsons with the" Big Bang "has won four best comedy actor, the heat has been ranked first in the Chinese network video platform. Since then in July 27th, the exclusive introduction of Tencent video of the power of the game in the fifth quarter has passed the audit, access to (Guangdong) drama trial network word (2015) No. 0001 quasi broadcast license.

it is understood that these repertoire is only one of the domestic video site in 2015 overseas procurement >

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