Special operations to combat extortion news and financial weekly in twenty first Century was ordered

Xinhuanet.com Beijing in April 30,

from the Central Propaganda Department, the State Press and Publication Administration and other nine departments issued a notice, since the deployment to combat extortion and false news special action, all localities and departments coordination, seriously dealt with a number of cases of illegal news. In April 30th, the State Press and Publication Administration of notification to the public on twenty-first Century, the "financial weekly" and "twenty-first Century economic report" news extortion case administrative processing case, which in twenty-first Century was ordered to close down, the "financial weekly" publishing license was revoked, "twenty-first Century economic report" was ordered to rectify.

according to the State Press and Publication Administration of the relevant person in charge, since September 3, 2014, twenty-first Century, the "financial weekly" and "twenty-first Century economic report" there have been many people by the Shanghai municipal public security organs to take coercive measures, of which 21 people have been prosecutors approved the arrest. After the incident, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, Guangdong press and publication radio and Television Bureau to carry out administrative investigation. The investigation: twenty-first Century net and the "financial weekly" is mainly responsible for collusion PR company, ordered the news editors to negative reports on listed companies and listed companies threatening, forcing enterprises to sign advertising note book, service agreement, to seek illegitimate interests. At the same time to identify, in twenty-first Century, the "financial weekly" and "twenty-first Century economic report" there is no editorial and business classification violations.

according to the person in charge of the State Press and Publication Administration on the basis of investigation and verification, make the administrative decision on April 28th: revocation of the "financial weekly" newspaper publishing license; Guangdong provincial press and publication administration to cooperate with relevant departments shall revoke the license in twenty-first Century; for rectification of the "twenty-first Century economic report", requirements the comprehensive construction of the newspaper leadership, strengthen the editing and management, strengthen the management of journalists.

, the State Press and publication administration official pointed out that in twenty-first Century net news extortion case caused a bad influence on society, serious damage to the vital interests of the grassroots and the masses, disturbing the order of market and industry, damage the credibility of the news media, tarnished the image of the news team.

the official stressed that the media should learn a lesson, replicability, strengthen the management of news editing. The competent organizers should effectively fulfill their management responsibilities, establish and improve the mechanism, and resolutely correct all kinds of illegal. Radio and television administrative departments of publishing local news to continue to carry out combat extortion and false news special work, increase the intensity of investigating the case, the deadline to supervise the handling of a number of key cases, shutting down a number of illegal newspapers, reporters stand revoked a number of irregularities, revoke a number of illegal workers of press cards, for alleged crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs criminal responsibility of collusion, shielding and abetting and dereliction of duty shall be transferred to the discipline inspection and supervision departments to pursue disciplinary rules and responsibilities.

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