Yu Minhong search marketing is the best marketing

day before, "entrepreneurs salon fourth was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Sun Palace Beijing, the New Oriental Education & Technology Group founder Yu Minhong reminded entrepreneurs, if it is in his early start, brush pole recruit students speaking, education and training company based on the start-up is not up to do.


this is because the development of the Internet has had a significant impact on the education and training industry. In New Oriental, for example, the school to achieve the online registration system, this year there are nearly 700 million of the registration income from the network enrollment, accounting for nearly $20% of total revenue in new oriental. At the same time, the New Oriental four-dimensional integrated learning system, so that parents and teachers can learn through the tablet computer interaction. In the management, paperless office system to promote the approval of the report can be carried out on the Internet, greatly improving the efficiency of the office, saving office costs.

Yu Minhong envisaged that the future, all educational institutions including public schools, will achieve the hybrid education system: "not like the Internet, online classroom, do the next line, skin to skin, meat is meat. The future is related by flesh and blood." That is, 1/2 or 2/3 of the educational behavior online to complete, other parts of the standardization of the Internet through the system, including the contents of the teacher after class will be online. New Oriental has been doing such a system.

talked about marketing, Yu Minhong said, of course, is the best way to search marketing marketing. After all, if it is in the traditional way of enrollment, basically can not do it, "a large agency threshold, two people is faster than you, you." At present, the New Oriental search marketing with high frequency, and Baidu established a strategic partnership. He said: "although Robin Li did not give a penny I cheap, but I still want to work with him."

in the salon scene, founder of an occupation education institutions to ask Yu Minhong, as a new education training enterprise, they make full use of the Internet marketing platform, now his own most of the students are from search marketing, such as the use of online education and training mode of growing up business has no future? Yu Minhong said, this kind of marketing is very good, in addition to meet enrollment, but also to strengthen the brand marketing.

indeed, Baidu search marketing has changed the education and training industry marketing model. According to Baidu data show that education and training in Baidu search promotion is ranked second in the industry, there are currently involved in the education and training of more than 50 thousand companies. New Oriental is to establish a strategic partnership with Baidu, in addition to the daily search promotion, Baidu search platform is also an important position to build new Oriental brand.

finally, the scene such as my guests mentioned using the Internet develops quickly, "Yu Minhong said the challenge is still good, just like a tiger and wolf it for no there will be no vitality, is the same for a New Oriental and Baidu."

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