Short rental website Airbnb financing 100 million valuation of up to 3 billion


short rental website Airbnb financing $100 million valuation of up to 3 billion

According to informed sources, the San Francisco based short-term rental site Airbnb is about $100 million in the third round of financing, the valuation of up to $2 billion to $3 billion. Although there are a lot of existing investors to participate in, but the investment is likely to be a new investment company.

, according to people familiar with the situation, Airbnb can extract an average of 10% from each transaction. June 2011, the company contributed to the transaction reached 2 million pen, in January this year to reach a total of 5 million pen, in June surged to 10 million pen.

to maintain this growth rate, and the amount of each transaction reached $70, the company’s revenue this year will reach about $168 million. If you calculate $100 per transaction, income of up to $240 million. It is because of the broad prospects for growth, only to support the high valuation of Airbnb.

if the business continues to grow, the company’s total transaction is expected to reach 29 million pen, only this year will reach a total of 24 million pen. Although these estimates may not be accurate, but does highlight the growth potential of Airbnb. The main challenge for the company is how to expand internationally, so more cash is needed to deploy the program.

Airbnb current cumulative financing amount reached $120 million, the valuation of the second round of financing more than $1 billion.

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