The CN domain name at the end of another slightly warmer personal registration can rescue

October CN domain name hit a record high annual corporate terminal demand is not reduced by

Admin5 webmaster network November 24th news: according to the recent release of CN domain name statistics show that in September 2011 the total CN domain name of 3316129, in October the total CN domain name of 3499183, the number of growth of up to 183054 (CNNIC). CN domain name is not only showing growth, but also hit a new high this year, the CN domain name. By the end of 09, the Ministry of industry to rectify the illegal information on the Internet, in the remediation storm CN domain name registration tightened, CNNIC began to implement the CN domain name registration system to deal with the new deal, and limit personal registration. Then the CN domain name market has been showing a downward trend unable to get up after a fall, the total amount of CN, domain name registration and domain name trading volume plummeted, few growth.


2011 growth trend


September total statistics


October total statistics

In June this year

CN domain was slightly rise again falling into the trend, rising again in October and a record high this year total, CN domain with 09 years in the treatment of a large number of CN domain name illegal site closure and the real name system for the implementation of new user registration, personal share of serious loss in regulation and the implementation of the new deal, from tens of millions of registered the amount of one yuan registration activity was promoted to the accumulated millions of today’s total, we have stumbled, the occasional rebound trend, but there is no signs of recovery. Now the only enterprise registration, CN domain name has been unable to recover again when tens of millions of registered amount, but due to the CN domain name registration no restrictions, no registration price increase, CN domain name has unique advantage days in the enterprise network terminal brand promotion. The COM domain name is currently a shortage of resources, CN domain name in the domain name investment market, although the vitality of the decline in heat, but the value has not been devalued. Therefore, the value of CN domain names in the field of enterprise terminal is still high, the demand is not falling. CN domain names in the current level of this total is also a normal rise.

rumors brewing new deal once again open civilian policy to rescue the

at the beginning of September, Tencent renamed China launched 5 yuan registered CN domain name, domain name registration organization commissioned by the registration in the form of personal webmaster can also CN domain name registration, and registration and renewal for second years only needs five yuan. The activity of the CN domain name policy to avoid personal registration restrictions by taking the form of affiliated registration. The rise is likely to be associated with the activities of the stimulus, but it can not change the status of the CN domain name fell sharply. First, CN domain governance and the new deal on the impact of personal users too deep, down the number >

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