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1.iOS applications up to 650 thousand Android applications have been very close to

July 25th news, Apple announced on Apple’s third quarter earnings conference, the number of iOS applications has exceeded 650 thousand, higher than the 600 thousand in April this year.

apple CFO Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer) also mentioned, designed for iPad applications up to 250 thousand.

up to now, Apple has been nearly $5 billion 500 million to developers, much higher than the $4 billion announced in April.

industry insiders believe that with the listing of iOS 6 and the new iPhone, the above figures will also have greater growth.

previously announced the Google I/O conference held at the end of June, the application of Google in Play has reached 600 thousand.

2 was Ctrip elong where Baotuan counter attack was traced: group purchase data fraud

online travel industry is never short of water. The industry leader Ctrip is being elong, where several competitors hold together and was accused of counter attack, the hotel group purchase industry data fraud.

in July 24th, where to go, the same way network, eLong, mango and other more than 10 tourism enterprises held a press conference, jointly issued a "Declaration of integrity services" China tourism, tourism service declared Chinese alliance was formally established, and the alliance participants but not including the domestic online travel industry leader ctrip.

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was Ctrip elong where Baotuan counter attack was traced: group purchase data fraud

3 apple depth integration of Chinese social services Sina micro-blog accelerate open

July 25th afternoon news this morning, Apple released the 2012 fiscal third quarter earnings. Apple CEO Tim • (Tim Cook) disclosure, Apple will release a new desktop operating system Mac OS X Mountain Lion (mountain lion) tomorrow. The operating system will be the first time the depth of integration of sina micro-blog, which means that sina has become the first depth of cooperation with Apple’s Chinese social networking platform, which is accelerating the pace of opening up.

apple Mac users to upgrade the system, simply visit a Sina micro-blog account on Mac, can be in the Safari browser, iPhoto, Mac, APP Store preview picture share system program or the third party application button to share content to Sina micro-blog. The new system will share micro-blog, micro-blog in the below show from OS X, click on the source will go directly to the mountain lion system official page.

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Apple depth integration of Chinese social services Sina micro-blog accelerated open >

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