Behind the pay Bao passion let the pain of genetically modified Lu Ma

There are no waves without wind., Alipay each time a new social function can mottaki.

November 27th, new payment on-line social circle function of the grayscale test, the "campus diary", "white-collar diary" in the part of large scale photographs, causing network hot. Wang Sicong: micro-blog ridicule "Alipay" seconds "pay Bao", see through the chest and leg, see a reward day passion after fermentation, whether you spectators in Alipay’s social exploration, to experience a difficult road of Ma gene modified



Ma Yun’s social heart seems to seem as everyone knows, social lie in the heart of Ma Yun impassable mountains, and try again revision from Alipay’s social climbing the mountain, Ma Yun seems to have a different direction and progress.

Alipay social historyAlipay is betting on

Ali, an important part of social dream, Ali has never stopped trying Alipay’s social.

July 2015 Alipay

9 version of the line, an increase of the new WeChat and similar "friends" and "business" in the menu on the Tab entrance, Alipay 9 Social try, has been a lot of negative comments, two level entrance "life circle" has been Tucao WeChat "circle of friends" copy.

The relationship between

Alipay connect people and money, has the tool attribute clear, first bearing is a basic function of payment, collection, transfer, remittance. Alipay 9 attempts by way of IM entry, build the social scene, WeChat IM this copy simply social efforts are not successful. Analysis of Baidu products as operator surosake as: cognitive habits inherent in the user has entered the mature stage in the mobile Internet today, it’s hard to change, the user will not in Alipay chat, just as you would not see people took out his wallet to say hello.

payment is an important extension of Ali electricity supplier, even if the payment is just a need, but the frequency is to pay the pain points, improve the user’s frequency of use and stickiness is the first problem to be solved ali. Ali did social efforts will stop at Alipay, and it will do better.

yesterday from Alipay circle function, Ali has already changed social ideas of Alipay, from instant messaging social transformation to the community, from the relevant social acquaintances extended to ordinary strangers community building.


According to the

music network to understand, Alipay circle is similar to the community, is currently divided into open type and closed type two categories: the former can enter the search in Alipay, the latter must be invited to. At present, the main line of fitness, games, financial management, mother and baby, pets, digital and other types. In addition, the part of the circle is limited to women posting, men can only play reward, and sesame credit score of more than 750 of the capital

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