To do the nternet is to make friends with users

Progress in the

era, a variety of high-tech are emerging, especially the development of the Internet is a thousand li a day. There are also a lot of excellent Internet Co, they rely on their own technology and marketing strategy to make a big harvest, but I am currently on the observation and analysis of a company has not done a real success.

because I understand the success of Internet Co is not only to provide users with more convenient, allowing more users to accept the network services in the spirit and material satisfaction.

when I was doing a lecture at the University, the students asked me what is happiness, and I said: the harmony of material and spirit is a kind of happiness.

so the site really want to be successful from the spiritual and material aspects at the same time. Otherwise, the lack of competitiveness, but also easy to be beyond others.

The present situation of the development of the Internet is

: the first generation of Internet Co has been basically out of the competition stage, can only be counted out. To: YAHOO, Sina, Sohu, NetEase as a typical. And now Microsoft to acquire the acquisition of YAHOO has shown that the first generation of Internet companies have not been very competitive. Maybe a few years ago, several other portals also have the possibility of being acquired.

is the second generation of the Internet business success to Baidu and Baidu as a typical example, the success of the first by the technology, and then rely on the grasp of the Chinese habits, so no more than Google, but Baidu can do long, 20 years after what I want to do is worth pondering.

third generation Internet companies are in the hype Web2.0 technology, in fact, there is no mystery, that is more interactive. And I have not seen such a successful enterprise. Mop, fried day listing, now fade! Qihoo revision, Web2.0 mode is a kind of no convincing model.

said that if the third generation is excessive, the future of the fourth generation of what it would be like it, I have the following ideas: technology will be at the service of humanity, technology is not feeling, is not trust. Only the real person that is involved in corporate culture in order to make a website with a soul, the first three generations of the site is no soul site, no soul site is not long.

Ma to do good, such as frequent parties what, but I feel commercial business is too strong, and feelings is difficult together, if you are to meet a spirit, to the purpose of making friends more to take part in it, that time will be more happier. Such activities adhere to the time when the site and the Internet users to make friends, natural sites have a soul, then the competitiveness of the site on the enhanced


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