Copyright law deleted forty sixth new terms of the definition of network infringement

"copyright law" (revised draft second draft) opinions, the scope of the statutory copyright license narrowed to the textbook and the newspaper reproduced legal license

legal permission to limit the scope of textbooks and newspapers for the transfer of the industry said the Copyright Bureau responded positively to the voice of musicians

news yesterday, the National Copyright Administration publication published on the website of the "copyright law" in the news (second modified draft) for public comment, from now on, the copyright law and published in March 31st "(Draft), the second draft delete the previous recordings" caused controversy in the first draft statutory license terms, and in many ways have greatly changed.

"statutory license" system

limits the scope to restore the author’s proprietary rights

"copyright law" (Draft) published in March 31st, forty-sixth of the content triggered a strong reaction part: "music recordings published for the first time after 3 months, the recording producer in accordance with the provisions of this Law in forty-eighth conditions, without permission from the copyright owner, the use of music recording." In this release of the second draft, this one is deleted.

second release adjustment: according to human rights, the copyright collective management organization and related institutions, the copyright "statutory license" further limit the textbook statutory license and reprinted statutory license two case, cancel the original draft article forty-sixth on record making the statutory license, the provisions of article forty-seventh on the radio, TV legal license, will revert to the exclusive right of the author.

in this regard, Zhang Hongbo, director general of the Chinese Copyright Association, said, this is deleted, can be seen as a positive response to the voice of the Copyright Bureau for some musicians."

"fair use" system

"fair use" to increase open regulations

in the "fair use" system, this amendment, mainly for the following: (1) increase the "open fair use provisions", and other circumstances, the original draft article thirty-ninth into the new forty-second draft as the second paragraph restrict all thirteen types of "reasonable use"; (2) clear for personal study, research work created by others for the copied text fragments of works; (3) increase the citation of the works of others shall not constitute the main reference works or a substantial part of the regulations; (4) increase the provisions of "information network" in media related situations; (5) increased provisions on copying, drawing, photography, video after the formation of the results of the subsequent use of outdoor art works.

job show

choral performance rights belong to the performing unit

taking into account the urgent need to address the problem of the relationship between the performer and the performing unit in the practice, this revision refers to the work of the provisions of the provisions of the thirty-fifth new regulations on performance. The right of attribution of performance by

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